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To develop a smart watch in partnership with TAG Heuer and Intel and tag Google is a luxury watch brands. According to Bloomberg,  will be released in October or November this year in this smart watch is $ 1,400 . Smart watch in war of luxury brand will do evolve how the future?

Smart watch of this TAG Heuer, is going to be the replica model of the "TAG Heuer black them." In addition, one of the you can drive as much as 40 hours in charge. This is Apple Watch, of course, considerably longer than the other Android Wear smart watch. This is not together as much as possible taste unnecessary hassle of charge to the owner, perhaps attentive of TAG Heuer.




To begin selling big body design this black They are sporty. That's why it might be able to mount a large-capacity battery. Luxury watch manufacturer other than the former TAG Heuer is one after another to compete in the smart watch .




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