Tailored Long Tail Keywords, Target Thinking and Marketing Strategies to Understand Who You Are

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I just gave Jon Pastor access to the keywords list for the Film Annex and the MTI USA Inc. teams.
It's my interest to drill down through very specific long tail keywords tailored for every person working with us at Film Annex.

Here is the list of the people I am starting with:

Francesco Rulli: all keywords but focus on Afghanistan, Central and South Asia, Education (I am Italian)

Jennifer Bourne : film and social media (She is French)

Eren Gulfidan: film production, film distribution, film critic (She is Turkish)

Semyon Maltzev and Alexey Levchenko: film production and film editing (They are Russian)

Thomas Courtney: fashion and modeling (He is American)

Fereshteh Forough: education and economy in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan (She is Afghan and she is also writing every week about CBS 60 minutes)

Tommaso Rulli and the MTI Team: fashion production, textile production, garment production, not usual fashion. This is the tech side of the industry.

Captain Edward Zellem: Afghan Proverbs and Saying, Dari and Farsi Education, Sociocultural analysis and ethnolinguistics


By doing so, each person gets their own list and we measure each person in what they do and how they do it.
Here is the latest search ranking for the long tail keyword building schools in Afghanistan for the FilmAnnex.com domain:

I am ready to start this process so that people can see the progress of my keywords and compare with their performance. Once this is tuned, we will expand the concept to the writers and students in Afghanistan, the rest of Central and South Asia, the Caribbeans and beyond.

In addition to use tailored long tail keywords, we will need to express interesting opinions and attract people who are looking for constructive conversations and arguments. Interesting people with interesting opinions make interesting media! Once the interesting opinion is expressed and documented, we can promote it on external social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn groups and fuel further debate and conversation. Imagine taking my article on the Sandy Hook Massacre and promoting it to "pro-gun" Facebook users and LinkedIn groups, or promoting my article on women's empowerment to Facebook and LinkedIn users and groups focused on such topic. Debates build awareness and create solutions.

In a company, the CEO and President's job is to empower others to reach their thought leadership, so that we can all grow together. When you are a black belt in Judo, you want to train with World champions like Mike Swain. This is how you improve, even if you get thrown all over the place. Training (working) with green belts only gets you injured and you can't improve your skills. My dear friend John David Layton always says: "You don't want to be the smartest person in the room," as there is nothing for you to learn. It's in your interest to fill that room with people that are smarter than you, people who express interesting opinions. My note: the copy and paste culture is dead! You must express interesting opinions.

BTW, Do you like Fishing?

To grasp my attention and obtain my support, you can use a simple technique that I call Fishing. You write an interesting blog and mention my name. By doing so, you "fish" me and grab my attention. I will have an urge to write about your interesting opinion and further fuel the conversation or debate on that specific topic using specific tailored long tail keywords that you fed me in your initial blog or article. By doing so, I will support and improve your social media ranking. You can use the same Fishing technique with journalists, CEO's and politicians. They will read it and reach back to you, assuming you expressed an interesting opinion! This is called "Inbound Marketing," and this is the reason why, since I started working with Mike Sweeney, I never need to call people. People call me. For example, Roya Mahboob's life story and work is so much more interesting than mine that I found myself involved into keywords like Building schools in Afghanistan or Afghanistan Economy. Roya Mahboob and her work in Afghanistan, Central and South Asia, is the subject of 70% of my articles because she shared the right information to build this organic digital collaboration.

Once I have done my work on selecting the right tailored long tail keywords, written my article, established the conversation and expressed interesting opinions, I can take my blogs about Roya's work, promote them on social networks like Facebook, and obtain incredible results. For example, as of today, my article on Women Empowerment in Afghanistan has : Can you beat that ?



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