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TAJ MAHAL is a great and beautiful example of MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE. The design of the TAJ MAHAL is the combination of the Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural styles. The construction of TAJ MAHAL is started in 1632. TAJ MAHAL was completed in 1653.The total time of his construction is 22 years.


It is started with the order of SHAH JAHAN which is the prince that time and it was dedicated to MUMTAZ MAHAL. She is the wife of SHAH JAHAN. 32 CROR rupees and 20000 workers was work on the construction of TAJ MAHAL. TAJ MAHAL was built on a square plate form (186 x 186 feet) with its four corners. The diameter of its central dome is fifty-eight feet. The height of the dome is 213 feet. The four beautiful and graceful slender minarets on corners. The height of each minaret is 162.5 feet.


The bottom of the TAJ MAHAL is built on R.C.C pail. A beautiful garden around the TAJ MAHAL. There are many beautiful plants and trees. The garden were open on every weekend on 6am to 7pm. The mosque is open for prayer on Friday on12pm to 4 pm. The view of TAJ MAHAL is so beautiful on the night when the moon is full. Some thing is not allowed in TAJ MAHAL but some thing is allowed in. For example water in transparent bottle, cameras and etc. Now many tourists come on whole world for viewing the TAJ MAHAL.   

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