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 Tajikistan is a country located in Central Asia. After declaring independence from the soviet union  on September 9, 1991, its economy began to grew gradually. For example, Tajikistan economy grew in different fields, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and technology.

 However about 60% of Tajikistan citizens live below poverty, this country still has a good economy relation with Europe Union (EU), western countries, and other eastern countries. For example, it exports cotton and Alumunium to European and other eastern countries, such as Netherlands, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and so on...

 Tajikistan citizens feed their homes through forestry as well. Right now, 5% of Tajikistan is wooded. Thus, this country exports wood to its neighboring countries, such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China, and Pakistan.

Fishing is another income canal for the citizens of Tajikistan. Through fishing they have increased the level of their economy, too. They export tons of conserved fish and raw fish to several eastern and European countries per year.

 Another way Tajikistan citizens and government is developing its economy is through mining. For example, it exports its Alumunium product to European and other eastern countries. Besides, through farming cotton they have developed their country’s economy, too.

 Lots of foreign countries have invested in technology of Tajikistan. For example, one of those Companies are Film Annex, and Afghan Citadel Software Companies. These two Companies are activating in developing countries in order to empower both women and female students. Afghan Citadel Software Company is building net cafes for in safe places in developing countries, such as Afghanistan and other Central Asian Countries.  Afghan Citadel Software Company builds Internet Classes for female students. Besides, they teach them how to use from the social media. For example, how to create Facebook account, how to create Film Annex, G-mail, Yahoo, and Twitter accounts.

 The same as other countries of the world. Tajikistan’s economy  substantially grew after the war. The same as all other developing countries, Tajikistan citizens are also making efforts to build their country.

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