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Going shopping is very important part of everyday life. People go shopping for food items such as meat, vegetables and fruits, for dry groceries such as salt, chilies, lentils, rice, sugar etc. for essential household items like washing powder, soaps, tooth pastes, shampoos etc.

All of us need to go shopping for clothes, jewellery, shoes, cosmetics and other personal ornaments. People need to buy some basic medicines. We also buy furniture, bed linen and many other things that are important for our homes. In this unit you will learn how to talk about shopping and ask for things you need.

Before going any further, think for a while and make a list of things you normally buy for yourself and also write which shops do you go to in order to buy these things. Let us listen to a conversation between a mother and her daughter. Asmah who is the mother and Bismah who is the daughter have invited some guests for tea.

They are in the kitchen getting the food ready and are discussing about the things they have and thing s they need. A group of fiends go out for shopping to buy different things. They are at different shops. Read the list of shops given in the box and then their request given below the box. Guesses where these people are write this name of the sop in front of each sentence.

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