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T.V. was once a very popular source of entertainment for ordinary people.In my childhood,all my of family members and relatives used to watch T.V-together every night.One of my favorite T.V-programs used to be 'NEELAM GHAR'(AUCTION HOUSE).It was a quiz show which used to be telecast every week on pakistan television(PTV).

This program was started in 1975.Soon it got the attention of everybody. everybody used to wait impatiently for it.This program is still being telecast on(PTV) to this day.The only change is the name which is now ''TARIQ AZIZ SHOW''.

This is a very informative and interesting T.V show which has interest for everybody.Its host,Tariq AZIZ, with his unique style,seems to be ever young.Sponsors of program give generous prizes to the participant.The host,Tariq Aziz,asks questions from the participant and on right answer they are give different prizes.

Once,when we were young, my elder brother answered one of the questions and he was given a washing machine as a prize.This machine is about 25 years old now and is still in a good condition.

Students take special interest in this show because it adds to their knowledge.Different fun games are also arranged in this show such as ''Musical chairs'' etc.The most interesting part of the show is 'car quiz' competition.This competition lasts for four programs and the winner of the competition is given a new car as a prize.

For the people who are interested in poetry,a poetry competition is also included in the show and the winners get prizes.


                              FUN IN THE SHOW

One of our favorite segments in the show was the understanding between husbands and wives.In this segment married couples  were invited on stage.The husband was sent away and in his absence the wife was asked questions about their life and habits.

Then the husband was called and the same questions were asked from him.Some times funny situation was created when their answers were quite opposite to each other.

                                    NEW   COUPLES 

New wedded couples were also called up the stage and the one whose date of marriage was the most recent was given prizes.In short the program has not lost its charm even after so long time.

I still wait anxiously for it every week.If you want to watch this show please click this link.  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x26ofhc_bazm-e-tariq-aziz-show-on-ptv-home-full-episode-25th-september-2014_shortfilms

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