Tax evasion in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan has a large history of corruption and specially tax evasion.i am sharing my personal story which i thought will be informational for the readers.

We have a property in Kabul which was on rent to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and were getting huge lump sum of $96000 annualy and the tax rate was 20% of the whole annual rent.Our tax according to the official rate was $19200 but we were asked to pay just $5000,i was really surprised and happy also that we got away with that lesser amount.

When we went to the revenue department in Kabul to ask for the tax deposit vouchers,we were asked to wait and meet a guy outside.We were told that you dont need to pay that huge amount but just $5000 to pay off your whole year tax.He was from the revenue department and were surprised to know that.This was for the year 2006 and the same happened for the year followed.These payment are being distributed among the official and nothing goes to the Revenue Department.

Such huge amount of money is been evaded by different means and people are made sure ,no inquiry will be made in Future.With the guarantees from the officials ,you feel like you have done your Job.With the book record system in place in the whole Afghanistan ,it is very easy to get the Job done.How will the country go ahead ,if we dont pay the taxes.Why do we protest against our government of not doing much.Why dont we understand that the whole country runs on taxpayers money.Still we look for ways on how to evade the tax and pay the money to the corrupt officials.We need to bring the matter to the attention of high rank officials and make sure we pay the correct amount and to the correct institution.

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