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It was just a day ago when I made a blog post about Tazza Cafe and Patisserie Lahug branch, it was not a very good dining experience and I thought that the same impression would be for their other branch which is located in Banilad which personally I had no idea of its exact location until yesterday.

To give you an idea as to how James, my husband and I came to the second branch, allow me to share to you how our Saturday went. So on our shared calendars marked two events for Saturday, one for our ministry in the church and second was for a business seminar. Guys, I am super excited to share with you what this business would be but to give you a hint, it’s related to traveling because you all know we both love traveling.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

Anyway, our training happened in this Banilad Town Center which we don’t usually go, in fact, we had been here just once in our decade of staying in Cebu. So, it was interesting to be coming over here which was just a few minutes away from IT Park where our church is located. So, upon arriving at Banilad Town Center, we found out the second Tazza Cafe and Patisserie is located here! By then, we already got an idea of where to have dinner later on after the seminar.

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie BTC Ambiance

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BTC stands for Banilad Town Center, a small shopping and dining area. There’s a Robinsons Grocery store too in here but what’s more interesting are their restaurants. One that we were really looking at was Ampersand which has these great wood interiors.

But then again, we are talking about Tazza. Unlike the Lahug branch, this is way bigger, I guess it was around four times bigger and far better interiors plus exterior designs. There were some doodles outside in their glass windows which were definitely cute, kawaii in Japanese.

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Inside are tables and chairs and people! Surprisingly, the place was packed with many guests! I already have this impression that they are a hit here in Banilad unlike there in Lahug! But we still have to check if the food here is better as well as the service.

Just like the other branch, they got a chic area, some wall mural paintings and a lighted Tazza print mounted on the opposite wall. Their lights are quite different as they use geometric designs unlike the other which has an inverted cup. But I felt this has more space obviously, tables are not placed very close to each other and it can accommodate big groups.

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Of course, cakes here are also a hit. I found lots of supplies from their standing refrigerators. Man, I found it was cold inside too which was normal because it was raining outside.

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie Food and Service

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As mentioned, it was raining really hard during our business appointment, as it ended at almost eight in the evening, we thought we could grab tea and some meals. I recalled their meal and drink duo order will allow one to grab any of their cakes for only one peso only.

The staff who welcomed us was ever pleasing, she offered us a seat but it was a little cold back there so we chose a separate area next to the right wall where there was no air conditioning directly facing us. Two sets of menu cards were given to us and so we started running through. I already have something in mind, pasta!

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But James of course, after being influenced by yours truly to also love salad ordered this really interesting salad which I wondered why I didn’t order much on my first Tazza Cafe and Patisserie experience. Tupplenut Salad, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio and a milk tea, we ordered just one drink just for the cake.

Surprisingly, our orders came in just less than ten minutes, this is way faster than the previous branch and I was already having this good impression! Plus they were all served in white wide plates!

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The Tupplenut Salad was a bomb! Made of tuna salad on a bed of green lettuce, apple, candied walnut, cucumber and tomato with honey mustard vinaigrette. Truly, it was a great choice and I found myself digging in it too most especially their candied walnuts and the tuna which complemented the flavor of the greens and the apples.

Mine was Spaghetti Aglio e Olio which was just garlic and olive oil pasta with parmesan cheese and a side of Poppadom which is a thin, crisp Indian food. The pasta was well cooked and I liked the taste of the Poppadom which I felt that it was salty at first but then it became eventually pleasing to my tastebuds afterward.

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The milk tea tastes like how a milk tea should taste and we both love how nice this experience was for the two of us. We shared their Yema cake which is currently the best seller among their array of sweets. True enough, there’s a reason why this is a hit, the sweetness was just enough and the texture was really good plus serving wise, this is by far the biggest slice of cake we had received from any other bakeshop.


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While I had a kind of negative experience with the first Tazza Cafe and Patisserie Lahug Branch, this one in Banilad Town Center had definitely taken everything back into the right place and we both were satisfied with what we had eaten, the service and the ambiance, all were simultaneously in one accord.

If I could point one, it would be the noise inside the cafe. It was not the staff or the crews nor the kitchen but the guests and visitors inside the cafe. Obviously, I could hear loud voices from across the other tables. Those wows after receiving their cakes, the expressions of liking the food and such and even those who were just talking about their lives, it somehow created so much noise.

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It could have added that there was a huge group of guests, a big family which occupied two group piles of tables. Every one of them was walking around, talking with each other and laughing loudly. Perhaps they felt as if they were the only ones around. The elder couple next to our table was very quiet but I felt that they felt annoyed with those noises too. I could see from their faces and how they look at the table behind them.

Anyway, the loud noises and nuisance were not enough to bring our impressions down. I personally liked this Tazza Cafe and Patisserie branch than the first one that I visited.

Video credits: Steem Destinations via YouTube


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