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Back when I was just started working, when I started earning money, I thought it is such a waste to spend my money on expensive coffees and drinks. I felt like I am spending much on something that I can buy an alternative one, cheaper I must say. Back then, what I knew was just instant coffees packed in sachets which can be bought in the convenience store.

However, as my age incremented, it is also evident that I had already changed my perspective in that specific mindset plus this is not about socializing, I just found joy in reviewing these coffee shops, cafes, and eateries. Although I don’t always visit a cafe, it is a treat to be just inside a coffee shop, sipping on a cold Cafe Mocha, enjoying the company of yourself or maybe a friend or perhaps working on blog ideas on the iPad or laptop.

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I learned to enjoy the feeling of trying out new tastes, going inside places which I felt really nice only to find out that they are just so-so. This type of adventure also had me grounded in the city since I can blog about something if we don’t have any travel or anywhere to go. It is good to also try something new. I appreciate my husband for allowing me to do such things and even encourage me to try out a new place and such. He is such a supportive one except that sometimes he complains, just in a nice way, not annoying way.

And so last Tuesday, it was yet another day out with myself and my husband. It was a holiday in the Philippines, it was Chinese New Year and we didn’t have work but my hard working husband decided to go work in exchange for his birthday which falls on a Monday next-next week. I agreed about that decision since we are going to Bohol by that time.

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Hubby’s office is in Lahug, this is the area in the city where its full of restaurants and cafes all over as it is very near to Cebu IT Park too. I first thought of going to Fujinoya but I decided to try out a new place, one which I passed by that time when I went to Fujinoya a few months ago. And so I found myself pushing on their glass door to be greeted by their courteous lady staff.

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie

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Believe me or not, it still is very confusing and pressuring when you stand at the cashier front, looking at the menu and you can’t decide if you want to have salad, pasta or a full meal and the staff stares at you.

Although their staffs were just cool so they let me take time and since I want to try out something new, I went and ordered this appetizing salad called Quinoa Orange Salad, I had similar order at Oh Georg in Ayala Center and I was expecting the same but later on regret ordering this which I will talk about later.

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During the entire time, I was just browsing on my phone, trying to consume all the salad, I didn’t have the courage to pick up my camera so I just used my mobile device to take photographs.

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie Ambiance

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Talking about ambiance, Tazza Cafe and Patisserie has a picturesque retro vibe, cozy and a little tight. Pictures in their social media accounts somehow gives us, viewers, this tendency of expecting the area to be a big room but no, its just a small cafe, the tables are situated in a way to give the customers their own space but your neighbor customer is just a few meters away and if they talk loud just like the group of friends who came in while I was about to go, then your conversations will be heard for sure.

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Their hanging lights are cool too as they designed it as a turned over cup, this is where the name Tazza was derived, as it means cups. I have to add that they have a good WIFI connection which is a plus point.

Clean with good air conditioning, I appreciate that their temperature isn’t too much so drinking iced coffee inside was fine.

Tazza Cafe and Patisserie Food and Service

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I did mention earlier that I regret ordering the salad because the greens were too strong, I believe it was because of the Arugula. I can’t really pinpoint so I had to pick those which were just fine for my taste buds. In fairness, the salad came with some shrimps which were good, I believe that was the only part which I really ate together with the Quinoa.

As for my drink, I ordered Cafe Mocha which is my go-to coffee to try on in a new cafe. I was a little sad it didn’t taste like that of Fujinoya. I also wished they had served it in a reusable container or at least asked me if I would like it to be placed in a plastic cup or not.

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But after the disappointment, I still managed to drink it and also ate 80% of my salad. What brought me back to positivism was when they offered their Php 1 cake! I was amazed when I learned about it. So the catch is for every meal and drinks order, a customer can get a cake for only one peso. Of course, I grabbed that opportunity and thought I should bring it for my husband instead.

I opted for their Carrot Walnut cake. I thought it would be best to compare it with that of Cafe George. I found that they were almost similar except that that from Cafe George's was thicker as well as its frosting and the serving was bigger.

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I must also comment that serving in Tazza Cafe and Patisserie took awhile. I guess it took around 30 minutes before my salad arrived and when I was at the cashier paying, it took them around ten minutes to give me my receipt and change. I was not annoyed by it as I am a very patient person but I guess they must improve on that section.

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But don’t get me wrong because I actually like how pleasant the staff was when they were accommodating me. There was no hesitation in terms of answering my concerns and requests. Perhaps its just the kitchen staff, I hope they are not understaffed because when I was there, we were only around five people and everyone had their orders on their tables. It was just me basically who was waiting for my order.


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Anyway, I can’t judge a cafe with just a one-time visit. I read some of their reviews on Zomato, a website which shows reviews and different information about a specific restaurant and the same concerns were laid by other customers, so let’s see if next time that would still be my feedback.


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