Teacher a great gift of god

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In the great day of teacher, the Majuba Heravi high school administration with the cooperation of the administrative officials, headmaster, teachers, the students and the developing council of the school held a magnificent ceremony to celebrate the teacher’s day. The ceremony celebrated by attending of the Herat education department president, his co-workers, the administrative members of this department, the officials from the capacity promoting ward, officials from the city education ward, officials from the communication department, presidents of the governmental and nongovernmental corporations, members of the developing council of the school, parents of the students, teachers and the students.  All were listening to the speakers nice speaking.

The ceremony started by the reciting of the holy Quran, national anthem added, then the educational manager of the school, reported the activities report of the school from different parts, and congratulated this great day of teacher. The education department president, Mr Abdul wahed Mukhles, Mr. Moen Sabour the spokesman of Herat education department that read the massage of education minister of Afghanistan were the lecturer of this ceremony. The preliminary students and the students of eight grade of the school chanted a chant to describe the greatness of teacher, and made the ceremony more beautiful.

Abdul Qadir Salahi from the education department, Parasto Rahmani the chairman of the students’ council of this school by reciting a poem to praise the teachers, congratulated this day to all of them.

The gathering finished by giving some prizes to the guests and teachers. Yearly celebration of teacher’s day is necessary, and it is a part of Mahjuba Heravi high school and its students’ council. 

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Mahjube Herawi School is located in the third district of Herat Province on Mokhaberat Street. It was named after a famous woman poet Mahjube Herawi (Mahjube Herawi’s real name was Bibi Safora and she was one of the famous Farsi pouter of Badqhis –Afghanistan. Mahjube has about 5,000 poems about…

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