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The teacher plays a key role in education. There can be no revolution in education without revolution in the role of the teacher.

The teacher imparts knowledge not only by what he says, but also by what he is. The traditional teacher who must stay out of politics and controversy, who may not be seen in isolation and avoid an interest in his own economic well being, can not be an effective model in today’s society. Much of the effectiveness of the teacher is in his being a real person. But beyond this the teacher has a unique role to play. Because an autoworker may not be blamed for poor auto design but a teacher is blamed for failure of students to learn.


But the unionization of teachers is a necessary part of the educational revolution even beyond, the teacher as a model for his students and the teacher as fighter for better education. The schooling of youngsters does not take place in a vacuum. The ability of students to learn is very much affected by the relative comfort or misery of life at home, by the presence of heat in the winter, by whether the child’s health needs are net, whether the child comes to school with or without breakfast, whether there is job waiting in the world at the end of an educational career or by the belief of that all efforts are useless because there is no chance.

A teacher who merely prepares his lessons and teaches them but does not ally himself with others in society who is struggling to abolish poverty, discrimination and poor housing is not doing his job. By giving proper support, schools can teach bask skills, prepare students for jobs in society and help develop those values necessary for a complex, in industrial, independent society. Eventually the teacher has fundamental position ion human community, as pillars of a society depend on them so, for the betterment of educational issues the teachers must be persuaded and the dignity of teacher must be glorified. 


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Enayatullah Mayar is born in 1992/8/12,He is graduated from Sultan Ghiyasudden Ghuri High school , and right now He Student of Engineering "Civil Department" faculty. also he is Social media officer and pashto language translator in "ACSC" herat branch.

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