Teacher’s day celebration and sustainable education via social media

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Teachers transfer knowledge from generation to generation; they teach the students the real and important lessons of the life, so the schools are the first places to teach the students knowledge, dynamism and being innovative. The most developed countries are the most improved of them in education, which is most related to the teachers availability, accessibility and level of knowledge. As much investment in education will be resulted in much achievements in the scientific, educational and developing aspects of a nations in the future. Teachers have the basic role in this process to get to these achievements and lead their students and the whole society toward a bright future. 

Updating and take advantage of the new and modern knowledge and technology is a very necessary step in the educational system of a country. Based on the problems and challenges that Afghanistan’s government is facing in, is not able to update the educational system of itself and add new technology into it. Instead, FilmAnnex and Women’s Annex platforms started to obviate this problem. They equipped up to now ten schools in Herat province of Afghanistan. Herat is the second biggest province of the country. They equipped the school with IT rooms and IT teachers that make thousands of the students able to take advantage of modern technology and use the digital and social media to improve their knowledge, get digital literacy, join to the social media, have communication without borders to the entire world, express their ideas and thoughts, get familiarization of the other people’s opinions and change to an active user into the social and digital media.

October fifth is the global teacher’s day, and we in Afghanistan celebrate it everyday to show our emotions to the teachers and admire them. In teacher’s day in all schools ceremonies are held to celebrate this holy day and admire the teachers. In this day, some students, their families or students of a class all together get prizes to their teachers and the schools administrative offices give to the premier teachers, admiration letters.  It is a great day for both the teachers and the students.

On October fifth we also celebrate this day in our office, Afghan Citadel Software Company which is doing the projects of Filmannex and Women’s Annex to equip the schools with IT rooms in Afghanistan. The IT teachers of ten schools which are teaching the girls social media, digital media and blog writing invited to the office and all we together celebrated The teacher's day. The IT teachers’ activities and achievements assessed admirable and perfect. Therefore, they got admiration letters and certificates from the office. 

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