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            Important instructions and guiding the students in the classroom situation is called “Teaching”. In wider perspective it implies the interaction between the teacher and the taught, preparation and planning of the lessons, collecting necessary “teaching ads” and also such activities as evaluation of the instruction and the communication.

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            Teaching is a very comprehensive term. It includes as mentioned above, most the activities taking place in the classroom and the school and many other activities, which are performed at home. We can say that duration of the teaching period, number of students, kinds of teaching activities and interaction between the teacher and the students are different aspects of teaching.



Successful Teaching

            Researches on teaching show that a learning atmosphere, which follows teacher’s instruction is comparatively more successful and show better results. Here the students remain busy. The teacher selects learning activities. He explains the objectives of the lesson and discusses them with the students. He, to prepare the atmosphere along with the objectives, also presents a brief summary of the lesson.

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            The following activities by the teacher are positively related to students’ achievement.

  1. Informing about the important parts of the lesson.
  2. Presenting summary of the different parts of the lesson.
  3. Explaining the relationship of the one part of the lesson with the other parts.
  4. At the end giving the summary of the whole lesson.


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Interaction between the teacher and the students in the form of asking questions and giving answers also positively affects the achievements level of the students. In the beginning of the learning process the teacher explains some concept or problem. He then asks questions and encourages the students for responding to his questions about that concept.




The aim of good teacher is effective teaching. It yields good results and creates understanding of new concepts. It is well planned and systematic. It follows some specific method and employs the best available techniques.

For becoming a good teacher, one is curious to know what methods are available and what the best techniques are. The question also arises whether there is some difference between an approach, method and technique. First, let us see what a method is!



An approach is set of theories or principles that a teacher may have in mind about the philosophy of language learning and teaching.

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A method is a general process of creating interaction between the subject matter offered by the school and the students. It has an established sequence of doing something. We can say that.

  • A method is a planed effort;
  • It has an established sequence;
  • It has also an established relationship among different parts;
  • It is the way of inducing interaction between the subject matter and the students.

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A technique means one single procedure used in a classroom. It is particular trickle/strategy or device, used to achieve an immediate result. A method will consist of a number of techniques.

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