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The Six Articles of Faith.
1. Belief in one God.
2.Belief in Angels.
3. Belief in the Holy Books.
4. Belief in the Prophets.
5. Belief in the Day of Judgment.
6. Belief in Divine Preordainment.


The Five Pillars Of Islam.
There are five essential duties.
1. Reciting the profession of faith.
2. Offering Prayer.
3. Paying of Zakat.
4. Fasting.
5. Pilgrimage to Makkah.

The development of Sharia.

The total path of life is clearly ordered by Allah. The formulation of Sharia rests on four basics.
1. The Holy Quran.
2. Tha Sunnah.
3. The Ijma(doctors + thinkers of Islam).
4. Qiyas or similar example (Ijtehad) approved by popular scholars at the decision of one man.


Islam and Modern Man
The Islam should maintain complete unity in their ranks and create brotherly atmosphere among them. Youth, the coming generations see all this happenings, but show disinterestedness and lack of confidence.


The cause is that out minds are divided.Sometimes we think about spiritual universe and sometime we think about secular world. We are wandering here and there without any aim. Islam, in these days faceds the western philosophy. Some west oriented Muslims are trying to bring Islam near western ideas. They are misleading the Muslims. This action will spread disturbance in the Muslim world. Such circumstances will produce a sorry figure in every step of life. They should check the wrong explanations of Holy Quran.
No one can understand the Holy Quran better than Holy Prophet (PBUH).

We should study the teachings of Sunnah. We can say it with a firm belief that Islam is the complete code of whole life and after life. We are responsible for one good and bad actions. We will be answerable to Allah an the Day of Judgment. It is the time to restore our dignity and follow the teachings of Islam so that Pakistan may become the fort of Islam. 


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                     By;; Qamar Shahzad


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