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There are two types of productive skills

  • Writing
  • Speaking


v It is translation of thought into language

When a person writes something, he is actually interpreting his mind, thinking, views into some conveying language. These thoughts vary from person to person. So basically if someone writes, he is translating his views to the public.

v Writing is link between writer and reader.

  • Time wise
  • Distance wise

Here time wise means that if a person wrote something years ago, and the reader reads it now a days, so basically it is the time wise bridge of thinking, views between that writer &today’s reader.

For example, Shakespeare written something centuries ago, but readers still read his poetry now a days, similarly “Ghalib” wrote something in past, but we still read his poetry. So Writing is time wise link between reader & writer.


Now If Robert Boylestard written something in New York, but we are studying it here, so it is distance wise link between writer and reader.

v Writing is permanent record of ones experiences, research & observation

Some people write their autobiography, like “Shahab Nama” is the experiences of Qudrat ullah Shahab. No one can get PhD’s degree without publishing any research paper.

So writing is a record of ones experiences.

v Writing is only source of avoiding misconceptions

If we buy some property, we write an affidavit on this agreement. So if we don’t write, we can be stuck into misconceptions of land records or like that.

v Writing is proof of ones credentials

How can we justify that we will be engineering graduates, How can we get proof of our credentials & qualifications. This all can be happened by writing a transcript or degree.

v Writing is measurement of ones capabilities

Everyone has different piece of minds & capabilities. So when someone shows his capabilities, this can be judged by his scripts that he writes.


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