Tempting Eatables

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Tempting Eatables

Food is the most important part of our life, without it life can never be considered. It is often said that food is just for living, but tasteless food is just boring. A tasty, lavishing and tempting food is mostly loved. A number of dishes relating different cuisine are available like Italian,continental , Spanish, Chinese, Pakistani etc and lot more .Here some of the continental and some Pakistani dishes are put forward. That include:



Pizza is an italian dish.A bread topped with meat,vegetables,sauce and cheese.Baked to cook these ingredients to an  innovative taste, which is mostly liked and preferred meal by all the age groups.

Its taste and innovative toppings make the people blown away… just making forget everything around us.Different types of pizza are available in the market for making people enjoy what they like.The cheese on the pizza make it taste yummy. It’s tempting for the people.


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A bun or type of sandwich centered with different things like meat patty, fried chicken, vegetables, tomato sauce,white sauce ,egg etc.Burger...the most common fast food used by anyone. Its available in different types for different people according to their taste and liking.

From children to elders, and from elders to aged everyone have this happily. Mostly enjoyed with French fries and tomato sauce, some people prefer white sauce also. Vegetables like cucumber, salad leaves, onion, and tomato are used within it also.


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A frozen dessert or snack made with different dairy products including milk. Having variety of flavours like tuti frutti, chocolate, mango, vanilla, strawberry. Every age group would like this dessert but mostly children love this to eat.



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Different topping like bunties, wafer are available for enhancing the taste of ice cream. Its gives your mood ,a positive energy, whenever your mood is upset eat that, and you will feel better. Its a Mood mechanic. Eating more then enough is not good for your health and teeth, so have it with patience.



A long, thin thread like, shaped pasta, which is boiled with water is called spaghetti. It’s also from the Italian cuisine.


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For giving taste and flavor to the boiled pasta it is cooked with meat, chicken, sauce, different vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, and capsicum.

Different sauce are available for persons that like more spices. Its taste very from person to person. You can made it with anything you want. Making this is much easy. You don’t have to follow a hard recipe.




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Macaroni is also another form of pasta. Having a shape like a spindle. It’s the favorite dish of many peoples. Pasta with a taste of chicken, sauce and taste makers. It’s tempting food, hot and spicy. A lot more creations you can do with that. Easy to make and easy to eat.

Very few steps are used in making that. It’s an instant recipe. Sometime made with green vegetables, sometime with meat and sometime with just spices and sauce.




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It’s a molten chocolate cake with no flour. Used as a dessert. Its melting chocolate will filled your mouth with water. No one can say no to it, because it’s too attracting and lavishing.

It is created for chocolate lovers. People that are addicted to chocolate would love this variation of chocolate into a cake.It gives you taste of both chocolate and silk. The texture it owe is mind blowing, to get you involve in its taste.



Pakistani rice recipe with chicken and a lot more spices. It's top most in the Pakistani cuisine. Each person of Pakistani family would love to eat it, it most favorite among them.



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The spices used in biryani are huge in number, different spices for different blend of taste are used within it. Different sauces are used with it like yogurt with mint and salt.

It has a significance importance in every event of Pakistani families. The colors and taste makers of biryani are just adorable. You would like to eat more and more once you try it.


Fried chicken



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Fried chicken is used as a snack in lunch or parties. It’s a chicken piece marinated with spices, coated with breadcrumbs and then deep fried. Served with tomato sauce or chili garlic sauce which enhance its taste. It’s not much spicy, so children can easily have this.

Its deep fried so eating a lot is not good for your health. Health-conscious people will have this in little amount. It is also available in ready-made form. You just have to buy and fry it when needed.


Shami Kabab


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Another subcontinental traditional recipe. It’s a meat recipe, simply like a patty made with chopped meat and taste makers. It's shallow fried. You can also play with its shape, mould it to your favorite shape. It is served with bread and spicy sauce.

You can fiind it on every Pakistani table, because it is most liked by them. It is available in different shapes as per your requirement. Very few spices are added because it’s a very moderate dish.



The most well-known desert of Pakistani cuisine, made with milk, boiled rice, nuts etc.Every family event would prefer kheer in desert after meal.Its sweet and yummy taste make it amazing.



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Different techniques are used to make this, some people make it with vermicelli while others didn’t prefer this. A variety of kheer is available in Pakistan.

Nuts added in that make it lot tastier and appetizing. Its short listed desert in Pakistan. From centuries people are enjoying this recipe. Almondwalnut , dates, pistachio and lot more dry fruits are added to enhance its flavor.


Dahi balay

Pakistani dish… made by using yogurt.The most spicy dish it is, the chili lovers like this dish a lot.It is most popular among girls of Pakistan.Gents also like this but their ratio is less then girls.



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Different sweet and spicy sauce are used within it.Potatoes are tomatoes are also used in it.This recipe is not cooked, its a type of salad with yogurt dressing.

Mostly used in lunch by different people or served guest as a snack.Its toppings with mint give this dish a more attracting look.It’s also good for your health because it’s not a deep fried dish.



It’s also a subcontinental dish… bread filled with different materials like chicken or potatoes having additional spices in that, it then deep fried. Used as a snack also with yogurt and chili sauce.


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It’s the most favorite snack of people of the sub-continent. It’s a heavy meal, having in huge amount is not good for the cholesterol and diet. Eat it, but in a little amount.

Children also like it. Mostly used in parties and get to-gatherings, where fast food are more focused.



It’s basically a bread stuffed with boiled chicken and black pepper.Newly created fast food item… kind of bakery item.Children mostly use it in their lunch boxes.

Better to eat when hot. Mostly people have this with tomato sauce.Its filling can be variated as per your wish.Can be easily saved in freezer, and microwaved when you want to eat it.


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