TERMINATOR GENISYS: Terminators Can Grow Old

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Maybe it will be not easy to believe, but it passed more than 30 years since the first appearance of the Terminator on film screens. In 1984, Arnold Schwarzenegger's incredulous machine of murder captivated fictional enthusiasts from all over the world, and the career of a prominent actor rose to the superstar's level. The Terminator 2, which appeared in 1991, received even greater success. Today we will talk about the fifth part of the Terminator series.

The filmmaker presents not only a new look at the cult Terminator, but also tries to tell a young generation of times when Arnold Schwarzenegger's character poster hanged in the rooms of many children and teenagers of the 1980s.

The TERMINATOR GENISYS hardly can be named an extension of the earlier franchise's parts; it is a kind of relocation of these parts in a new direction. It is also a kind of remake that has created space for many novelties of the storyline.

Arnie's Arnie - and for some of us that's enough. He's back.

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The action takes place at three different times, so viewers who are not familiar with the predecessors can see all the origins of this story. In the beginning, filmmakers move us to 1984 when the entire world got to know James Cameron's store.

The oppressive atmosphere of hopelessness, excellent suspense, excellent style and sense of taste, the incredible mind of the director who invented this terrible world - although I think it’s clear what a tremendous impression James Cameron made on me. The third part brought a little disappointment, the fourth was a fairly high-quality product, but without the figure of Arnold, it all did not look real. Years of rumors and hopes, sarcastic jokes about an aging actor and his possible return to his most famous role in almost the eighty year - yes, that all was there. But the first trailer of Terminator 5 dispelled all fears that the creators decided to outrage someone's childhood memories.

Alan Taylor, already not a young director, who shot several full-length pictures, but more specializing in the serial field, took up this project.

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The Plot

The world of the future has collapsed and is overwhelmed by the terminators - hostile cyber-organisms. Soon, people can disappear from the Earth, but they still have hope and determination because they are lead by (Jason Clarke).

The machines cannot in any way to destroy the leader of humanity and decide to get rid of the hero when he is not yet born.

John knows he needs to protect his mother, so he sends a young warrior Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to the past to save Sarah, the mother of the future rebel leader fighting with machines. But when he arrived at the place, it was clear that Sarah does not need his help - Sarah knows how to take care of herself and the old cyborg T-800 helps her.

Alan Taylor, by all means, tries to revive the exhausted plot, but Arnold Schwarzenegger still has loyal fans, so the show must continue.


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Overall Impression

The very best scenes of the original film are reproduced here. Sentimental spectators and fans of this cultic film should have memories full of nostalgia. On time traveling, we will also see a vision for the near future, and more precisely a few days before the so-called court day. However, the most intriguing period of this film hides under the ruins of the gloomy, destroyed world. 

For the first time, we can see how the time machine works. We learn who created it, how it works, and what was the main purpose of the entire Sarah Connor rescue mission. This is a good surprise for those who have seen the old films many times - such innovations should keep them to the screen of cinemas.

For many, the idea of having a T-800 is silly, but it is not. James Cameron, who has helped the tape creators with his advice, has done a tremendous job of logically explaining all the terminator's aging principles, and it is heard more than once in the film.

The film has a gloomy context. It is attractive, but it does not reach the charm of two first parts of the sequel. 


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Special effects and a very high-quality action are another pride of this film. Lots of explosions, many action scenes, well, and lots of duels.  

Terminator is as a film of more than thirty years, and throughout this time, it was a legend. It shook by its spectacle and generally deserved the title of the cult. In 1984, when the first film was released, it was easier to surprise and impress people as their not sophisticated mind accepted any special effects with a bang, and in general, the viewers were more loyal. Now everyone who went to the cinema can call himself a film critic, say “no, this is not what I expected” and throw out tons of negative reviews.

Many years have passed and, of course, that this Terminator will be not as we remember it as a child when everything was perceived differently. I deliberately didn’t watch films that I liked as a child, because with the life experience that I have now and what I had then, I will perceive them in different ways. So those, who so painfully meet every new sequel, I have an advice: Save your warm childhood memories, save your nervous system, and just refrain from watching sequels. 

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Yes, since then much has changed: technologies have become cooler, special effects are brighter, and screens are bigger, only people have become more critical, less are showing feelings and in general, the principle of dissatisfaction with everything becomes almost mainstream in the modern world.

 And the Terminator 5 is worth it to give it a chance because it is always easier to criticize than to do! This is life, and it goes according to its own laws, and it doesn’t matter what plans you build on it. the same is with the cinema; you can expect something one, but the authors do not have to do it so you would like it.

Yes, this is a new turn in the history of the Terminator, new faces, and ideas, and all the same Arnold Schwarzenegger - albeit a bit aged. He is is another proof that time does not stand and everything changes; even the movie heroes of childhood!


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You should be fascinated by the old and new T-800 confrontation. The opponent of the second Terminator, T-1000, is also pleasing the eye. Although he does not get enough screen time, he showed impressive performance. 

The new T-3000, which we had not seen in any of the sections, and which is somewhat reminiscent of 2003, Terminator 3, the main enemy T-X, looks really awful. At him, the storyline creates the greatest intrigue, but the cyborg itself and its abilities do not cause any emotion, just a jibe. An almighty robot that takes very strange decisions. We would better saw again T-X - at least it could logically explain its advantage. Of course, the idea itself looks fresh.


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Terminator T-800 

Heroes, their relationship interpretation and presentation are the focus of attention. No one surprises here because, as has already been mentioned, the film has been adapted to a young generation of spectators who do not know what VHS cassettes and the first Terminators are.

The old one, good T-800, and its invaluable moments of humor are the most fascinating. Smile! The smile conquers all spectators. If you watched the movie, you understand what I am talking about. In general, what surprised the most is terminator's T-800 strong character. Although this is a machine, looking at it, we see its human nature. 

The T-800 looks great and not as cheap and ridiculous as in the Terminator Salvation. High-quality work, and most importantly, it's hard to see that it's computer graphics.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger played convincingly. His character, whose emotions changed from time to time, still allowed to stay a machine. The actor has put a lot of effort into this role, for which I feel great respect. The man gave 200% to a character which once made him popular.

Of course, the main special effect is the smile of T-800. After all, Arnold Schwarzenegger promised to return - and finally kept his word. Despite the gray hair, Iron Arnie looks like a real alien from the past - from a distant childhood. Gray hair is not a hindrance to talent, and Arnie's presence is the only thing that makes Cameron's films similar to this. 

Despite his age, the charisma of the actor is too big, and he adorns any scene where he participates. And it's not just his harsh appearance. The T-800 in Genesis is a hilariously funny character. His every second phrase causes a grin, and every third - Homeric laughter. It seems strange to recommend the new Terminator series because of how ridiculous the T-800 smiles when trying to imitate a person, but believe me, Arnold Schwarzenegger's comic play is worth it. And it does not affect the coolness of the character.


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The Other Characters

Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) is tough, fearless, but she lacks the charisma radiated by the original mother of the human savior. 

Emilia Clarke is not the same as Linda Hamilton's brutal image. What's most fascinating is that the actor is perfectly balanced between the fragile and hard image of a woman. And her playing abilities are not so desperate.

John Connor himself, who got a lot of display time, differently from what we saw in previous films, is completely unlike the leader. Jason Clarke and his John Connor are, unfortunately, the worst decision of the film selection team. The actor is great - he not only plays well but is able to convey any character emotionally. Here he has also demonstrated his abilities, but it is not John Connor after which the humanity would follow. It is difficult to believe it, and it is difficult to accept him as the savior of the world.


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Meanwhile, Kyle Reese becomes the second star after T-800. An interesting and worked out character that lets us know his story from a completely different angle. We know almost nothing about him in earlier films, and here, the creators tried to show his identity. I never felt sympathy for this actor because he is just doesn't able to play, but here he manages to create a small miracle. His performance improves and, most importantly, he does get into the team quite well.

For dessert, we see a man who has created Skynet - Danny Dyson (Dayo Okeniyi). Film fans who have seen the second part know who he is.

Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Humanity? 

One of the thoughts of the film, probably which not many people will notice, is the problem of universal informatization, that people more and more go into their virtual worlds and cease to live a real life.

If you go out into the street, you will probably see 99% of passers-by who go somewhere plunging into the screens of their phones, tablets, gadgets.  It’s not surprising that some artificial intelligence will ever want to destroy humanity because when the era of consumption reaches its climax, we destroy more than creating.


TERMINATOR GENISYS, Pops vs. the T-800 Scene - Video credit: youtube

Humanity just becomes useless for the Earth, and it is possible that what once was a fantasy will become a harsh reality. Maybe then dissatisfied film critics will be impressed by the plot twists and special effects; just have patience.

Kyle Reese : [narrating] Before they died, my parents told me stories about how the world once was; what it was like long before I was born; before the war with the machines. They remembered a green world, vast and beautiful, filled with laughter and hope for the future. It's a world I never knew. By the time I was born, all this was gone.

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 Now, in the middle of 2019, we are on the threshold of something similar. There is still quite a bit left, and we will stop doing simple tasks - all this will be done for us by programs that have been kindly downloaded into our phones, gadgets, tablets, laptops. Without knowing it, we gradually turn into robots, which are alien to emotions and feelings, and only information and entertainment are needed.

And against the background of this natural robotization of humanity, the acquisition of feelings by a machine lights up with even more vivid dotted lines, making you think about the most important thing: if even a robot can change its nature, what will happen to humanity in the next few years? 


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On A Final Note 

Summing up this action-packed adventure, one can say that the film has succeeded. It's great fun that the cult movies and heroes come back to the cinema screens. The only disappointing thing is the rather gentle plot. The Terminator would need to be rigorous, brutal, and imaginative.

The Terminator: Genisys is a remarkable piece of James Cameron's story for the new generation, where we can see the potential for future sequels.

Though the band does not radiate the same brutality and does not emit a gloomy atmosphere like the predecessors, it is capable of generating nostalgic feelings, both by looking at the obsolete but still performing Arnold Schwarzenegger, and again listening to his own legendary phrases.


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 Terminator is an immortal franchise, which for many years has not left the pedestal of the best science fiction films.

In spite of everything, leaving the cinema, I firmly believed that feelings would triumph over the progress that is trying to eradicate our care and participation, tenderness and love, and people, like many, many years ago, will also love and cherish each other.


My rating: 6.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 26/100
Metacritic: 38/100
Critics average: 53/100
IMDb: 6.4/10

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