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Tess Holliday is the supermodel of the moment. We've been a fan of Holliday (née Munster) since we named her one of the Faces of Plus-Size Fashion back in 2012. With striking good looks, it's no wonder she's taken the fashion world by storm, even though her tattoo-embellished, 5'5” and size-22 body is not what typically springs to mind when you hear “supermodel.” Thanks to her voluptuous figure and body-love mindset, Holliday has already gained a massive following, but with her latest achievement, she's about to see those numbers go stratospheric.



Tess is gracing the cover of People Magazine's Body Issue — a coveted modeling slot that's guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers. While much of Holliday's work has infiltrated the online plus-size community, this cover announces her as a household name.

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