Test to Check Ethics in Decision Making

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Test to Check Ethics in Decision Making






There are three tests to check Ethics in Decision making.

  • Harm Test

In this harm test, you have to check the alternatives that is less harmful for internal as well as for the external environment.

  • Defensibility Test

In this defensibility test, either you can defend your decision or the choices you have made, among given alternatives, before employees or colleagues.

  • Reversibility Test

Put yourself on other’s side.

In this reversibility test, the decision maker should think about the choice or decision he had made either people are positively or negatively affected by this. He should think what is the effect of this decision on Him?

Five P’s in result of Ethical Decision Making

  • Pride

You can achieve the sense of satisfaction through Ethical decision making.

  • Purpose

You can achieve your goal or intention as the result of ethical decision making.

  • Patience

When you follow the models of decision making, then the quality of patience will enhance.

  • Persistence

It means commitment with ethical principles.

  • Perspective

To see what is really important, self interest or Interest for organization.




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