Test Yourself: Five Afghan Proverbs

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There is a famous Afghan Proverb that says: Aazmuda-ra aazmudan khatast. Testing of a tested one is wrong.

 آزموده را آزمودن خطاست

But most people have never taken a test on Afghan Proverbs.  



So let's take a test.  It's easy: 


Here's the test:   

  Afghan Proverbs Test #1:  Proverbs About Food

ضرب المثل های  درباره ی غذا

Please choose the correct meaning of each Afghan Proverb

and submit your answers at AfghanProverbs.com.


نان و پیاز، پیشانی باز

1.  Naan wa peaaz, peyshaanee baaz.

a.  I like to eat bread and onions.

b.  Bread and onions and a happy forehead.

c.  Bread and onions make a good sandwich.

d.  Bread and onions make you healthy. 


نیم نان، راحت جان

2.  Neem-e naan, raahat-e jaan.

a.  Half a piece of bread is enough, if I am not hungry.

b.  I love to eat bread.

c.  Bread is life. 

d.  Half a loaf, and a peaceful body.


در جنگ، نان و حلوا تقسیم نمی‏شه

3.  Dar jang, naan wa halwaa taqsim na-mey-sha.

a.  In wartime, food and sweets are not distributed.

b.  Some people fight about food and sweets.

c.  Soldiers enjoy eating food and sweets.

d.  It is bad to fight with your brother about food and sweets.


کم بخور، همیشه بخور

4.  Kam bukhor, hamesha bukhor.

a.  You should eat a lot at lunch time.  

b.  Eat your food often from little plates.

c.  Eat a little, eat often.

d.  Don’t eat too much or you will get fat.


الو بهتر از پلو است

5.  Alao behtar az palao ast.

a.  I like to eat hot palao.

b.  Warmth is better than food.

c.  Hot palao is better than cold palao. 

d.  Palao is good to eat when the weather is cold.   


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