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It can be a very lonely task being an independent filmmaker, never sure where your future lies and competing against "big budget" juggernauts. Posting work on the internet can be rather daunting, as there is a mass of "noise" and it is difficult to stand out amongst this for a serious independent filmmaker. I'd just like to say thank you, on behalf of the independent filmmakers which you have supported and given a new lease of life. I feel privileged to be amongst the group "Eren's Picks". It has now made me re-assess the short film platforms on the internet. I believe that the model at Film Annex is coming out ahead, although I can see the technical aspects of this platform improving into the future. Compared to other platforms I've posted on, the support that Film Annex offers is simply second to none!

Alex Nakone

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Born In Adelaide, Australia, Alex Nakone is of Ukrainian Descent. Alex grew up with a passion for the arts, but like many Eastern European migrants settled in Australia, there were great expectations for Alex to become a medical practitioner, which he did. Alex Nakone’s first narrative film Biotech 8, a…

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