That thing Called PAREIDOLIA

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I was having fun watching my favorite show in National Geographic Channel entitled Brain Games. It was actually a Marathon, 4 episodes straight in a row! As i was having fun watching it, there is this question  it shows a photo of cars similar to this one 

Have you notice that the car seems smiling to you? That is what you called Pareidolia. Now the question is what is this thing called Pareidolia?


Well as much as i am interested in the contest i am more curious about this Pareidolia thing. So i went to ask Mr. Google and read about this Phenomenon. 


It was a Psychological Phenomenon concerning our minds to create images in certain thing. Common examples are clouds or foods. Actually this Phenomenon is very common and we can encounter it in our daily lives. Here are some amazing examples that i saw.

It was said in the study of Carl Sagan that our mind tends to interpret random things, patterns or even faces. I remember what we have discussed in our World Literature class about Psychoanalytic Theory. That people tend to write according to what they felt in their past. I guess, this Phenomenon is most of the time appearing when we are currently in hype of our emotions, whether we are sad nor happy.


Love to share this kind of knowledge to you guys!


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