The 10 Commandments

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Presented one of Ray Comfort's video (not the video below) to someone, and he asked me : "Do you really think God would give us 10 commandments if we could not follow them?" -- I answered with a question : "Wow, do you really think you could pass the 10 commandments?"

I was gonna add on to the thread, but I couldn't find the right words to describe what I was thinking, so I left the conversation.

A few days later I came up with something, saying: "Let us take the 10 commandments and put it into the standards of Jesus Christ,the first two things we'd notice is that Lust is adultery, and Hate is murder. The question now is, have we not committed any of those?

The point is this, the purpose of the commandments is for us to see that we are in need of the Grace of God (Romans 3-8). The cross will make sense once we acknowledge that we are sinners, and the first step to acknowldedging that you're a sinner is to know which standards we are bound to.

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