The 3 Topt site to earn FREE Bitcoins

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            There plenty of sites out there that offer free Bit coins for completing tasks or watching videos, or just to lure you into a offer. Most are a waste of time, and others do not pay. Here are three of the best sites I have found that have reasonable pay rates and that I have received payments from. I have also started a face book page that I will list more links if they seem like they are fair.      Join my Facebook group Get Free Bitcoins



   My favorite site- User gets to roll every hour, Can win .4 Bit coins every hour odds are like 1/10000 for top prize but pays 5 different levels and then give you a chance to multiply.



   Gives free Bit coins for watching ads- ads are 30 sec or less, site pays decent but can only participate once every 24 hours.


3. Bitvisitor- Site pays every time you view ads for 5 min. You can open new window and do not have to watch the video. Amount paid out fluctuates on each video but pays to wallet after every 100 ubt

If you are new to bit coins a free wallet can be obtained at Block Chain.



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