The 5 most effective exercises

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As in my previous blog Diet versus Exercise-which is more efficient, I discussed thoroughly the importance of diet and exercise both. This article is all about exercise, I am going to put forward 5 most effective exercises.

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Some people are very conscious about their weight and shape of the body. They always wanted to look smart and fit. I think everyone wished to look graceful as more as he/she can. But somehow weight matters a lot in your overall personality. If you are fatty and chubby you can never wear confidence while a fit and smart person is much more confident. If you are also facing the problem of extra weight don’t worry! It has a solution.

The 5 most effective exercises

Some people join gyms while some people follow videos of exercises to stay fit. You don’t need to spend hours at gym sweating. Here are 5 most effective exercises that will help you look smart and eliminate all the extra fat from your body. Just follow these exercises rightly and see results. Using the right method is really necessary. Follow these simple exercises and forget about your weight. Let’s discuss them one by one.




Squat strengthens every muscle of your legs. The pose of the squat is shown in the image above. Doing squats 10 times a day is enough for beginners. It’s a kind of sit and stands. Each time when you sit and stand your leg muscles are working. If you are a beginner then start only with 10 squats and increase the number of squats each day.

Exercise is important but for beginners, it is mostly advised to start with few squats because going for 50 squats on the first day can create problems. Once your body feels comfortable with this exercise you can increase the numbers of squats according to your capacity. Squats will really help you in getting straight legs.




Pushups are the most widely used exercise both for reducing weight and Bodybuilding. This exercise is used both by men and women because it strengthens multiple muscles. Your back, arms, shoulder, chest and abs are working during pushups. It is an upper body workout actually that also increases the heart rate. The pose of pushups is shown in the image above. This exercise is a bit hard but is much effective. It is one of those 5 most effective exercises because the results off pushups are amazing. Many bodybuilders use this exercise to build muscles.




The best and most easy exercise that is prescribed to everyone is a Plank. Everyone can try this exercise at home. It engages many muscles that help in lifting your body. Experts said that it is the only exercise that involves your whole body from head to toe. The pose of the plank is shown in the image.




Aim for 30seconds and rest. Repeat this procedure for 10 times and you will find the prominent change in your body. Keep in mind that you follow the exact method of plank otherwise, it will not effect. This exercise is also included in the 5 most effective exercises so try it and reduce your weight easily.  

4-Bridge and hip bridge



The exercise that will improve your posteriors and back of thighs is only one called as a bridge. It is one of those miraculous exercises that engage your mind also. The pose of the bridge is shown in the image. This exercise is really easy you just have to lay down on your back and bend your knees. Be careful when you are doing bridges because it is sometimes difficult for overweighted peoples.



An addition to it is a hip bridge, in which you lift your hips up and keep your feet on the floor. It will make your lower body part working. Repeat this exercise 20 times a day with a rest of 2 seconds. I am sure it will help you in reducing weight gradually.




Till now I have discussed many easy exercises but as we all are familiar with the famous proverb no pain no gain. So, here is an exercise that is a bit hard. This exercise is named as Crunches used for reducing the tummy fat. The pose of crunches is shown in the image. In this exercise, you just have to lay down on the floor and try to touch your knees without moving your legs. This workout is a bit hard if you are trying if for the first time but once you get used to of it, you will enjoy it. You raise your head which contracts abdominal muscles. Your tummy fat will get down each day with crunches.  You can try this exercise in different postures also. It is also one of the 5 most effective exercises that will reduce your weight.



Following these easy exercises will eliminate all the extra fat from your body and make you look younger and appealing. Try these exercises because these are easy and can be done at home without any machines. I hope it will help all those people who wanted to lose weight but can bear the headache of going to the gym.





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