The Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race is basically a reality show competition which is totally an American based show which is very popular throughout the world.The Amazing Race is also in the list of most watchable shows in the entire world.In Amazing Race there are twelve teams each consist of two contestants and motive of each team is to win the race. There are amazing tasks to perform while travelling some are physical and some are mind related.Contestants are allowed to use any mode of transportaion , like cars , taxi , trains , boats , buses , helicopters and more.

Format Of Show

The Most amazing Race competition so far in US television.Basically it involves almost twelve teams each consisit of two contestants which have to compete each other while travelling around the whlole world.Race actually consist of legs almost twelve in numbers and each of these leg eands upto Pitshop.Team who arrived at one on Pit Stop awarded a prize while the team who reached at last automatically eliminated from the show.Team who arrived at the final destination at number one position wins a prize of 1 million $.Period of this amazing race on average is approx 30 to 35 days.




The Amazing Race Versions

 The amazing Race reality show was basically us based amazing show in start but because of its famousity later show production team sold out it franchies to other countries after 2005 .The amazing race US  broadcasted by CBS network.

Other versions of The amazing Race are also broadcasting.First version was The Amazing Race Asia broadcasting by AXN asia and other versions are Australia ,New zealand , Brazil , Canada , China , France , Norway , Philippines , Ukraine , Vitenam.


User Guide

 User guide given to participants to provide necessary guidance about the rules on different locations.These clues and rules given to team with marks envelops explaining game.These includes following.

Route information , Detour ,Roadblock , Fast Forward , Switchback , Obstacles , Yield U-turn , Intersection , Express pass , Hazardand much more.These can be provided on different ocacions during race.


 Season 1

Season 1 started on 8th march 2001 and declared Rob Brennan as winner on April 8 same year 

 Season 2

The amazing race season 2 started on Jan 7 , 2002 and season ends on 3rd Feb , 2002 and team of Chris and Alex wins the race.

 Season 3

 Season 4

 Season 5

 Season 6

 Season 7

 Season 8

 Season 9

 Season 10

 Season 11

 Season 12

 Season 13

 Season 14

 Season 15

 Season 16

 Season 17

 Season 18

 Season 19

 Season 20

 Season 21

 Season 22

 Season 23

 Season 24

 Season 25

 Season 26

 Season 27





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