The art of Programming Language

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I am a programmar who has started programming 2 years ago.I joined in the mobile application development both for Android and iOS platforms and it is kinda weird and I don't know weather I should cope up with just the one and leave the other but till today, I'm working on both platforms.

Programming is a nice fit for those who really like solving problems and be Somebody who can really contribute to the world of tech.Most people say"programming is thought all over the Internet and most of the tutorials are free yet it is still the top paid job in the world. Why is that?" It's because it is not as simple HELLO WORLD program as you think.Itneeds your best effort,potential,patience,integrity and open mind.It is never easy!

Many people come to get some basic lessons and get paid but it needs further walk.Before considering money,you should be interested, motivated and enthusiastic about programming. You may become web developer, app developer, machine learning guy,artificial intelligence expert etc.but never ever underestimate your inner potential. It can do crazy things so let it out and try.

The art of programming language is vast yetinteresting.What you need to do is buckle up and move to your goals! 


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I am Hailemichael yihun,25, from Ethiopia.I have studied primary and secondary education in Ethiopian schools.Then I have joined local university in Ethiopia studying Civil engineering and now I am a graduated civil Engineer.I am a prolific writer,student and blogger.

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