The back way

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A lion are awaken by a mouse  crawling across his face. So anger, he quick to grab the mouse.

"I beg you!" Mouse said, "Please excuse me, one day I will come back to help you."

Lion laughs: "You are such tiny like this , how can you help me anything ?"

The lion opens his mouth and loudly laugh ,  Mouse jumps down, to be free, run away.

The next day, two hunters place a huge trap placed before the den of lion. At night when the lion turns back around,  no attention should not fall into the trap.

Mouse hears the painful roar of the lion, he quickly   runs to see what had happened.

He sees  the trap, and knows that a large ropes are slowly tightened lion, he chews each string until the lions escaped entirely.

Lions turn to speak with the mouse:

"I am so sorry  for mocking you, I am so stupid! Ultimately you are the one who saved my life!"

It is better to keep the back way in your action. When you are strong you have to think of the weaker. Perhaps someday in the future you can also become the passive. Help the others is to help yourself.

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