The Beauty of Simple Art

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Last Thursday was finally a nice day out and I was walking in the warm sunshine. While I walk I always look around and note many things about the environment and about people... I love to observe people and I often wonder about one person or another, what their stories are, their thoughts, wishes, goals and dreams. I was on Amsterdam Avenue and on the spacious sidewalk I noted a young homeless, those kind of people generally accompanied by several dogs and a couple of notes pro-donation. This guy instead has and exhibit of few watercolors, which caught my attention in one second... I passed by him, slowed down, checked the pieces, and I carried on... then I stopped and went back, slowed down, checked the exhibit again, and carried on... There was one piece specifically that I really wanted, so I stopped by and I start talking with the guy. "I like your works - I said - these are nice pieces" He looked at me with his deep blue eyes "Thanks man!" and me again "I really like the one with the van... how much you sell this for?"

 He told me a short story about a photographer stopping by him the day before and commissioning this piece out of one of his pictures, and off course the guy didn't pic it up... "He was going to pay me thirty bucks for this" so I promptly replied "well too bad for him, I'm going to buy it... is $25 ok?" just for the sake of the negotiation "I guess so" so I handed the 25, he signed the piece and I got what I consider a really nice watercolor... what I like about that? The colors, the technique, the simplicity and - last but not least - the subject! Yes the Volkswagen Van from the 60/70s, very loved in my young age and also famous to be used by "Westfalia" to build very popular (in EU) compact and versatile RVs...

So, without knowing it, this young guy sold me a condensate of art, beauty, happiness and memories... I was so happy! I though it was very nice, now that it's framed I think is really beautiful!

So, coincidences do not exist (I'm convinced) so this watercolor was there waiting for me to pick it up. I'm glad I bumped into this young homeless artist (Isaac Adams, read from his signature) and maybe I will bump into him again, for another watercolor, and maybe a chat and a coffee.

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