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Content marketing may is the most discussed theme in online marketing. There are different opinions, fascinated reviews, concerns, and warnings. This is not just another trend that will quickly disappear. This is the new reality of internet marketing. Content marketing is able to bring traffic to the site and stand out from the competition. But, as in any field, there are benefits and, of course, disadvantages. First of all, I want to talk about the benefits of content marketing.

In traditional marketing, we say that we are businessmen, but only in content marketing, we show that we really are. Google evaluates and ranks those websites that contain more useful content, that is readable and relevant to users.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 


The most important thing in creating content is to be original and relevant to consumers. Content is not only created to make a top-ranking website in Google but also to build relationships with customers. Other blogs and the media also pick up your content if it is good.

Over the past 50 years, marketing understanding and ways to implement successful marketing strategies have changed dramatically. For 20 years now, when we use the Internet, everything is changing at a fast pace, with dozens/hundreds of methods to develop online marketing. It becomes extremely difficult to understand what is effective, what is not, what is outdated and what is still relevant.

Content is the basis of all forms of marketing. No matter how you want to advertise yourself or interact with the audience on the internet, you will always need the right content. 

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Why Content Marketing Is Important

Content marketing has was used a long time already; only this name was launched a few years ago. There are many very good examples on the market right from the beginning which are still worth a textbook because they have done just what the specialists talk today. Content marketing is not just a loud keyword in the web space. It is a way to feed your potential customer with relevant information.

We have a lot of chaotic information. It's hard and time-consuming to choose information kernels for the development of the marketing campaigns efficiently. Let us not forget the desire too. Interestingly, traditional marketing and sales functions are identified,  and all the main methods of attracting customers are through active sales, customer search - so-called outbound marketing

Nowadays, such marketing strategies are losing their effectiveness and successful companies today are focusing on inbound marketing, whose main advantage is that by building a strong brand, it attracts its customers.

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The essential marketing paradigms are changing (well-established methods, models, key strategies). It is very important not to give in to stagnation and to adapt to the global trends that sooner or later reach your business. Market participants often reproduce content, so you should be concerned with constant content innovation.

In the past, for the search engines rank high the content, it was enough to stuff numerous keywords into the content, and the great work is done. The valuable content for the user who would share it with others was different from the content created for search engines. 

Now the times have changed. It has become much more difficult to create content only for search engines but not for users. One of the biggest changes now is that search engines have become smarter, and they have started to rank higher for content that consumers share with others, for example, on social networks.  In this way, search engines see that content is valuable because people share it with each other, and search engines deliver better results to the user.

Let's talk about the benefits of content marketing: why you should use it for your business.  

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The Commercial Benefits Of Content Marketing

Like other marketing strategies, business from content marketing expects potential customer traffic and increased sales. The price of both potential customers and final customers is significantly reduced if we compare traditional tools with content marketing actions.

Attracting potential customers

Educational, useful, and user-friendly content created by the brand has one advantage: it is highly targeted to a specific audience. Therefore, users of such content often are the target audience for your business. Such an audience, after receiving meaningful and useful information, is much more inclined to get involved and subscribe to the newsletter or to contact you immediately for your provided services. This way you get the contact of a potential client, which you can further involve with your own created content.

Content marketing has a positive SEO effect, as authoritative thematic sites will link to you. These are not purchased links from link brokers, but natural traffic backlinks on sites with a live audience. Even if you order 5-7 placements per month, then within half a year there will be a noticeable increase in positions in organic produce. Not in vain experienced SEOs have replenished with content marketing an arsenal of tools used. The more placements you have on third-party sites, the higher the likelihood that users will find you on thematic queries. In addition, the visibility of the company in the organic by branded queries increases significantly.

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Increased sales

Different research shows that content marketing actions encourage customers to spend 80% more than clients not affected by content marketing. Also, the clients involved by your content marketing strategy are more loyal, they are returning to a second purchase, and more often recommend your business to their environment. Also, the conversions to content marketing are higher than traditional strategies.

First, users are looking for a description of the product or service, useful articles on the topic. By placing such content on your website or blog, you are taking the first step to drawing consumer attention to your products (services). After receiving the basic information, users switch to studying reviews of other customers on the site itself, on social networks, on thematic forums. Good reviews increase the credibility of the company and motivate users to place an order. 

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Brand awareness

Today it is not enough to make banners and TV advertisers for the awareness of the brand, especially if we raise not only the purpose of awareness but also the desire to make it more familiar to consumers. Content marketing's main weapon is two-way communication and the presence of content where people are searching for you. It should no way be communicative spam where consumers want to see you the least. 

Content is placed on different sites: video hosting, social networks, media, thematic communities, blogs. Due to this, a wide reach of the audience is achieved, and brand awareness increases. A potential client can meet your brand in Facebook, read about it in WordPress, and see it in a video on YouTube. But the effect is stronger than from banner advertising, which literally chases the user everywhere, and is simply not noticed. Placed content solves specific problems, entertains or teaches, that is, has value for a person. Placed content solves specific problems, entertains or teaches, that is, has value for a person. It creates a strong emotional binding to the brand, which is not achieved by other means of advertising.

By searching for information and discovering the brand-generated content, consumers easy link to your brand and get familiar with it. Therefore, instead of shouting about ourselves to everyone, we present our name to the target audience.

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The Technical Benefits Of Content Marketing 

Sales and the number of potential customers are the results of smaller details and big work, so I want to look at the deeper and more detailed advantages of content marketing in social sites.

Audience management on your social platform 

For us, this is the main advantage of content marketing. Unlike social networks or traditional outbound methodologies, content marketing allows communication on your platform. Trademarks are not dependent on other rules, they are not limited by algorithms, and the long-term audience does not disappear overnight, as sometimes happens with social networks changing rules.

Creating useful and interesting content on your portal or blog allows you to link communication to your name and encourage users to subscribe specifically to your news. By collecting the database by different means, we can continue to distribute the content through newsletters, thus becoming an alternative media for potential customers.  In addition, we always know how many users saw our content, what content was the most interesting, what it wasn't, and we can make specific conclusions and analyzes based on it.

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Stream to Website

I have already written that content marketing and SEO are two different things, but these two strategies can do a great deal when it comes together. Because content marketing is targeted at specific user needs, their questions, and queries, rather than simple keywords spread, users automatically find via search engines your brand's website.

 Similarly, when creating really useful content, it often engages other portals and blogs, which reprint your content to their websites and so promote your brand name and increase its competency. At the same time, it brings additional traffic to your brand's site.

Naturally, content marketing is needed not for the sake of universal gratitude, but ultimately for generating income. And this goal is beautifully achieved. Reading articles on third-party sites, reviews, recommendations, and viewing videos, users follow the links to your site. The advantage is that they are already prepared, they understand why they are moving and what they want to receive. Therefore, the number of lead generation and their conversion are higher here than for traffic from banner advertising or organic.

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Emotional Benefits Of Content Marketing

In the end, let's talk about emotions. There is the growing talk of moving into a new era of experience marketing, where we can reach consumers by creating clear added value, making communication a part of the product, and creating positive experiences, creating an emotional and long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Content marketing is an irreplaceable strategy here.

Leadership of opinion

 By carefully selecting the niche of your content and knowing your customer's identity, you can fill the position of leaders in that niche. The content you create on your platform, its distribution on social networks, the media, live events, shows the brand's professionalism in a particular field and encourages the search for all the answers in your brand's channels of a particular niche.

Informative and vivid product descriptions are necessary to attract the attention of users and brand promotion. The advantage of content marketing is the ability to position the company as a leader in its field, a reliable partner, a recognized expert.

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Content marketing not only attracts new potential customers, but is also one of the key strategies for retaining existing customers, returning them for another purchase, and encouraging them to recommend you to their environment.

Value-creating, educational content is interesting not only for the consumer who chooses the service or product.  It is even more relevant to those who already consume a particular product or use a service. In this way, the user deepens his experience with the product, discovers its new opportunities, and learns about other related issues, realizing that he is interested in this brand. After all, it is six times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an old one.

Creating and distributing useful materials, your company eventually forms an experts image in your niche. Thus, the concept of socio-ethical marketing is realized, when the main task is not just to push the product to customers but to build strong relationships, to make them your brand's supporters and expand the client base through recommendations.

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Forming an attitude of potential customers

Imagine you are in a fairly competitive market and have a new, different product. Suppose there is no clear leader in your market, but most consumers are using old products. What's your chance? Using helpful content and providing new answers to existing questions, you can to win the name of the leader of the opinion, and with the help of content, to form a positive and desired attitude of potential clients. By using content to show the benefits and the real situation, you would naturally attract those customers who were buying from your competitors.

With the help of texts, you can convey to the target audience important information about your products/services, tell about their value to customers. Content marketing can be used to solve various business problems. This is a flexible and dynamic promotion tool with which you can gain a competitive advantage. 

Content is the present – and future – of marketing. 


 On The Final Note

Content marketing brings results not so fast, but little by little a good content creation brings authority to the content creator. In order to bypass competitors, you need to find a suitable niche that would be relevant to potential customers. Content marketing is not a lightning-fast method, as content creation itself is not a quick process, it is a rather thorough and long process, using which the success of the website is almost guaranteed.

This is effective because consumers are accustomed to free and useful content before they purchase a real business service or product. In addition, websites with constantly updated content are highly ranked by search engines.

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In my opinion, content marketing is a very important and essential part that needs to be included in your plans for all small businesses.

In summary, content marketing is a strategy that requires a great deal of effort, consistency, and integrity. It takes time, but forms longer and sometimes eternal connections.

So, good content is a great tool to achieve a higher market share and increase your awareness.


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