The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Arrival

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The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Arrival

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As you already know, the Bitlanders started a film series to support women empowerment. I wrote two blogs on this theme: The Force Awakens and  Beauty and the Beast. A time ago, I wrote already a movie review of  Tully so I will not write about this movie again. And there is my third move review of "Arrival” about a strong woman who is a great example of women empowerment.

"Arrival" was one of the biggest science fiction films of 2016 that is narrating about the unusual appearance of aliens on earth. It's one more movie on aliens theme. How many can we have such movies? OK, if the ideas and realization are good, then it is possible to repeat the same theme. The famous director Denis Villeneuve, who created the spectacular movie "When a Woman Sings" and absolutely, in my eyes, the boring film "Sicario: The War on Drugs", now created a very successful science fiction film.

The best film of the year to date, ambitious in conception and extraordinary in execution, has arrived. - Christopher Orr "The Atlantic"


I did not plan to watch the movie "Arrival" after saw the trailers and reviews. It did not look like anything special. Well, except that this is a science fiction film, and I love such a lot. But when the trailer did not interest me, I did not rush to watch. Thanks to my boyfriend, who very wanted to see it, and finally, I had a chance to watch it also.

The Canadian director Denis Villeneuve was looking for a specific point of view. Usually, movies about aliens used to surprise the masses with special effects, the sharpness of action, unseen alien costumes, and technologies. This time, it turned into a dramatic film rather than pleasing the audience. The film is strong with a script that has symbolic significance.

"Arrival" is a band full of tension about contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

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The Short Story Of The Movie 

Do we are alone on this infinite universe or there are other live beings? I guess, if we had the first contact with an alien civilization, it would always be unexpected and frightening. When a dozen giant spacecraft one day landed in different parts of the world, many people were attacked by panic. But when nothing wrong happened for a few days, people are getting ready to make contact.

The government's representatives are appealing to one of the world's best linguists, Louise Banks (Amy Adams), the middle-aged polyglot, who has lost her child. She is assigned the task of trying to make the first contact and find out the intentions of the arrivals to the Earth.

Basically, it is obvious that the idea of the film is not the aliens themselves, nor their arrival, but the moral education of the whole situation.


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Louise Banks does not even imagine how to start with them when she first arrived at an alien ship. But after a few hours, a couple of her ideas looked to be successful: the strangers obviously tend to communicate. The hard work begins: to try to comprehend a completely different language and try to find common communication points.

However, there are enough people in the world who are completely opposite, and who are convinced that they must to attack as quickly as possible before the aliens first will start attacking. The tension is growing, and the big responsibility lies down on Louise's shoulders because the slightest mistake can lead to the disappearance of humans.

It is the importance of communication that highlights the general idea of the film and, at the same time, describes the personal history of translator Louis.


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The Content Of The Movie 

Don't expect to see something as we saw in the movie "Independence Day" or you will be very disappointed.

This project is totally focused on the thinking point. All this film is a long, procedural, analytical stimulus for thinking. Dialogue is very important there. They need to be very attentively watched and listened. Dialogues are equal partners with the storyline - one unconditionally completes another. 

The film is completely slow and procedural, but it is definitely worth to wait for the end. Throughout the plot, a dialogue is being constructed gradually and interestingly between humans and aliens - the earth and the universe - it reflects the difference between these galactic cultures.

While reading my review of a science fiction film "Arrival", check the QUERLO CHAT: 

So, I repeat, if you are here to find the National Guard arsenal and the ghosts of extraterrestrial beings, this movie has nothing like it. Those people who go into the cinema to get deep thoughts, to get deeper into the narrative problem, and see a new idea, will not be disappointed. 

It's probably the best ever designed alien invasion theme. Soon I'll explain why this movie is so valuable and necessary to watch in the big screen cinemas. The films of the aliens invading theme always were interesting to the viewers because this topic is inexhaustible, but I admit, it sometimes frustrates, especially when filmmakers seek only profits and present an empty work albeit filled with a lot of effects and actions.

The director Denis Villeneuve created a really wonderful film. And the greatness of the film is that it attempts to address a number of important social issues we meet on a daily basis. The aliens who appear in the film episodically are just a tool and a way to show how the humans are sick and how they can be cured.


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There are also some discussions of global issues. And that's very good. Perhaps some people who watch the movie will understand that war is not an option to deal with things. Through diplomacy, mountains can be moved and reached the highest level of fullness, but for some, it is the war itself that gives self-confidence. And generally, I'm talking about all countries in the world, which sometimes make us fear and live in the tension because any fool can inadvertently press the button and activate a nuclear weapon. It can be said that this message about war and peace creates a very solid foundation for this entire story.

The project turned out to be extremely mesmerizing. It seemed that you were watching the first documentary about the aliens that landed on earth, and how humankind was dealing with it. The plot is really not seen anywhere, and just tempted to get to know this mysterious alien mission as soon as possible.


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Probably it does not need to mention that another aspect of the plot is the fact that the main prevailing mood is exactly how to understand the aliens, and not how to destroy them. And the aliens themselves are portrayed as ready for the diplomatic contact, which rarely appears in films. Well, what's more, the whole plot focuses on the concept of linguistics. It is the most innovative and freshest cinematic aspect that I have seen. The whole movie is built through the prism of encoding the alien language. And since the entire idea of the plot is exactly about it, this aspect was really shown as thorough and complex.

 Language not only influences our thinking but even can determine the laws of physics. In the first episodes of the film, there was a thought expressed that it's our language that determines our thinking and teaches us to clearly understand the world. Precisely, the language that Louise and Jen find out protected the Earth from colliding with much more advanced aliens, and perhaps, even from death.  

When it comes to action scenes, its true, there is almost no such thing here. But the psychological tension, unknown end of the band, as well as the intriguing plot, instantly allow us to forget about explosions and shootings with aliens. Why would we need it? We have already seen all that fights in other films already mentioned. There are no stupid jokes because even one unlucky joke could ruin such a well-looking foundation that the director presented in this story.


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The human line, the unconventional history of Louis Banks love, the story of devotion and choice has been really well developed here. That is the reason why the critics and the general opinion baptized this film as wise. That is the case - the film is interesting with its content, enriched by the thoughts about the language, how it affects thinking, and the cinematic ideas exploit clichés nonstandardly and offer the aesthetics and peculiarities unusual for this genre.

Let's talk about the main protagonist

There are enough characters in the film, but everything revolves around the translator Louis Banks, who also experiences her own tragedy. And everything does not stop at the movie beginning as it may seem at first glance but continues to the finale.


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In the first episodes of the film, there is not a much clear emphasis on the linguistic family. It was shown her child, relationship, illness, and more than half of the film you think why did it was needed to show? I thought it showed that this linguist is a person who had personal problems before, and now the ordinary person goes to the first contact with the aliens, trying to make a connection, to save the world. But I watch and still do not understand why at crucial moments the memories about her daughter were added. Well, I thought, in the most crucial moments of life, we remember what we loved most. It's like a logical explanation, but I look and realize that something is not right here.

And everything gets clear at the very end of the movie. There is nothing unnecessary in good movies. That is why it is called a science fiction film. Everything is beautifully arranged, scientifically, but clearly and fantastically. 

She didn't feel strange to me. She felt like every woman I know who's struggling with hard things, who's working through personal issues while also heading out into the world and handling life and work. It's a constant balance. It's a constant juggling act. - Amy adams about Luise role.


The life of a translator expert and the solution to her personal problems told in such clever maneuvers is also eye-catching. Other actors look like the perfect pillar for Louis that is increasingly revealing herself with each scene. Especially it looks very well in the background of global events when alien ships appear on Earth's planet.

Arrival: Amy Adams Behind the Scenes Movie Interview  -  Video credit: ScreenSlam

She dares to take off a special suit when comes to the ship of aliens; she is still trying to convince that the power is not a way, and of course, she is the only one who is sufficiently patient and intelligent to understand their language. Gradually, the director reveals her inner strength, her intellect but also the melancholic light of memories in the face of Louis.

Director Denis Villeneuve spoke about the sense of any choice and said that it was crucial to learn to accept what was inevitable. Louis chooses the love, although she knows what is waiting for her. It turns out that the aliens and their black ovals can help to accept death.


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The Technical Side Of The Movie 

I cannot say anything bad about the technical side of the film. Both special effects and montage are very intrusive and of high quality. The realism of the aliens simply drew attention and did not allow to dislike them.

The special effects of this movie look very natural, they are not too much, and so you get a feeling of realism. Spaceships, as well as the design of the aliens and their linguistic style through the signs, look well too. It's an enchanting view for the eyes.

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The camera work is also good. Particularly the panoramic images with alien spaceships in the background looked well. Also, the camera works well when it comes to characters - it was able to squeeze out of everything that is possible. And some of the maneuvers that the director has used in moments of tension is causing even more adrenaline in the blood. The work of the camera and the development of the plot itself are very harmonious looking, so there are no complaints to the video montage.

Music in the film is also amazing. Sound editing is great, especially when one of the musical compositions starts sounding. In general, the sound of the film is not only important but also as meaningful as the image, and it is the merit of its creator Johann Johannsson.

Director Denis Villeneuve shines once again in this unique sci-fi creation. Arrival is unique for its structural narrative, bold effects and portrayal. The film's underlying look at relationships as well as prime performances from cast make for a complex, yet eye-opening piece of cinema. - Eugene Bernabe


The Collective Work Of The Actors

The actors' tandem is just awesome. The characters are undoubtedly very vivid and enthusiastic, perfectly transmitting the mood of the film and masterfully introducing the viewer into a tricky storyline.

Amy Adams

Actually, there is no need for a lot to talk about actors because the whole story is just around Amy Adams and her character. The talented brunette nominated for the five Oscars has created an impressive solo show featuring compelling performance and, of course, dramatics. Also, the actress has succeeded in proving that she alone can drag the entire film. And here she got full freedom to do it.


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Amy Adams as an actor is amazing. It showed a wide range of emotions, when the fear instantly was changed by curiosity, amazement, and returned to fear again - sometimes this happens in the same sentence.

The fantasy genre there is just a background for a sensual story about a human - a woman, a wife, and most of all - a mother.

Other Actors

It was a pleasure to see Oscar winner Forest Whitaker who, although he did not create something special, turned out to be convincing. If to talk about actors of the second plan, actor Jeremy Renner contributed to the film no less. The charismatic Michael Stuhlbarg, Mark O'Brien, and Tzi Ma also appeared for short in this movie.

On The Final Note - Verdict 

Summing up the film, I can say that it is one of the best and most interesting sci-fi movies because it is somehow different, different looked at the whole situation itself, the scenario and the narrative. I can say that this movie can be safely included in the must-see list for all those who are not afraid of a complicated storyline, mainly through dialogue, not by action. The movie"Arrival" is a really cool sci-fi charge, and personally, I was not disappointed, and vice versa - it left me just overwhelmed by various feelings. 

As I mentioned earlier, such films are now a rarity, perhaps because of this, at first glance, an unsophisticated and even a bit boring movie was nominated for eight Oscars, and one of them won.


"Arrival" team at a movie premiere - Photo credit:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best films of 2016, and in my opinion, it is the best movie about alien invasions. With such strong work, the director has proven that he can be trusted in the science fiction film genre.

The film is full of hidden deep social thoughts, which are also strengthened by strong thoughts about the pacifist tomorrow, for which humanity deserves to endeavor. At the same time, it's a great story with the original storyline created by the director Denis Villeneuve, decorated by the amazing performance of Amy Adams, good music, and real-looking special effects.

A few words about women empowerment 

With this blog, I finish my movie reviews on the theme of women empowerment offered by Bitlanders. I hope some "supermen" will watch movies about strong women who can be the same bold and smart as men think they are. Sometimes, women show even more determination and wisdom than men, so we all are equal, we all can live next to each other and complement each other without suppressing and humiliating someone but helping each other.  

Some countries are proud of equal rights for both genders while others still think women are not enough wise to drive a car, to vote in the election, and even to share the dinner table with men. That is the shame of 21 age. 

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt


Look at Louis, Beauty Belle,  warrior Rey, Marlo. They are just personages of the movies, but we can easily find such personalities in our society: great women able to change the world.

Have a fun watching and always respect all people equaly!!!


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