The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Beauty and the Beast

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The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Beauty and the Beast

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In 1740, the French writer Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve did not even dream that her fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" will live for centuries. The animated film "Beauty and the Beast", released by the Walt Disney Studios in 1991, made the story of La Belle et la Bête so popular that the rare child in the world was not aware of it.  Of course, it has been screened since 1946. Since then, 11 films have been created. The twelfth appeared in March of 2017. This movie also was eagerly awaited because Emma Watson, a well-known English actor from the epic of Harry Potter and many other films, was the protagonist in this movie. This is a musical romantic fantasy film, which consists of a performance's part and computer animation.

It's hard to spoil something when the story itself is very well known, but the creators tried to make it humorous. There were places where the whole cinema audience was laughing. 

Full of romantic movie "Beauty and the Beast" is a classic love story flavored with fascinating French charm and breathtaking adventures.


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 So, let's see what Director Bill Condon presents to us. Having already experienced the creation of musicals, he seeks to prove that he can renew the old fairy tale to a new life. However, this new work is not saying anything new. There is almost no innovation in the plot line. It's basically a repetition of the classic band. But it's interesting to watch how animated characters come to life, especially when they are embodied by famous and most loved actors.

This new Disney film features the classic history and state-of-the-art modern technology, so magic characters made up by the computer look like they are alive. Outstanding costumes, charming music created by the winner of even eight Oscars composer Alan Menken, and an immortal true story of love enchant both the adult and little viewers.

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The Short Story Of The Movie

The Walt Disney studio continues transforming its classical animated collection into scenic films successfully. 

The Beast (Dan Steven) is a prince who once appreciated everything superficially, liked to entertain and be surrounded by beautiful people and things. But once he was punished for the vanity - the witch turned the beautiful prince into a monster. His servants she turned into alive things. The witch left only one hope for the castle's inhabitants - if the Beat is able to fall in love, and someone will fall in love with him, the spells will dissipate, but it must happen until a magic rose has at least one petal.

Belle (Emma Watson) lives with her inventor/creator dad (Kevin Kline) in a small town somewhere in France. She is a cute and kind girl for which her dad is the most beloved man in the world. 


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The girl is constantly reading books and dreaming of a wide world. The surrounding villagers consider her a strange girl because many of them are not able to read and take care of only earthly matters, and the girl, according to them, constantly flies in the clouds.

They don’t think women should read and it goes further than that. They are deeply suspicious of intelligence. - Emma Watson


The self-proclaimed beauty of the village, Gaston (Luke Evans) falls in love with Belle and expresses the desire to marry her. But Belle does not think it is the best idea.


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One day, her father went on the trip, but only the horse Philip returns home. Belle understands that something happened and went to search for the dad. She finds him locked in an old castle and is trying to rescue him. The Beast appears and allows her to stay instead of his dad. In return for her father's freedom, she gives up herself and becomes the hostage of the Beast. Soon it turns out that the Beast lives not alone - all his servants are also in the castle but are turned into speaking things.

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The girls in the luxurious palace have not any shortage - she is decorated with exquisite dresses, tables break down from the most delicious meals and drinks, and in the spacious rooms of the grand palace there is no shortage of entertainment, but the beautiful girl is feeling sad and longing for her old life.

Despite the initial distrust and fear between them, Belle is gradually beginning to learn the true beauty of the Beast - the huge and loving heart that surrounded by the terrible outside. But as soon as they became friends, the fatal danger threats to Beast - the Gaston, who does not feel compassion for anyone, came to rescue the beautiful Belle.

Forced into a role she doesn't want, Belle rebels against those who don't accept the career she's forged for herself. She's adamant to live her life on her own terms, which is something we all need to strive even harder for in 2017. It's so important for characters to reflect every day life, and, according to Watson, Belle's story is more relevant than ever. Turning Belle into a strong, feminist character is an inclusive and respectful move, which I can't wait to see onscreen.


 The Content Of The Movie 

As it has already become customary, Walt Disney studio surprises us not only by the high-quality and original animations of recent years but also by a very successful classic animation reworking. But in terms of "Beauty and the Beast", there is one small nuance. In 2014, we could already enjoy the dramatic version of the famous fairy tale, which was presented by French director Christophe Gans. It has been spent 35 million Euros on creating, but the band earned a little more - 49 million. This is a really small achievement for such kind of project.

The Disney film "Beauty and the Beast" differs from the European tale. This is a special advantage of this band created by director Bill Condon. Both the style of the film and the narration of the tale, and the presentation of the story itself are not only close to the 1991 year's animation, but at the same time, the film became a direct animation rebuilding, which has not so many new plot's turns. It is obvious that the film is adapted to a contemporary young person who is not familiar with cult animation, as well as to people who feel great nostalgia for the original film.


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Personally, I would, of course, recommend before watching the version of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" to watch an animated movie that brought two Oscars to its creators because then you can thoroughly analyze the recast and see all the beauty of the perfectly copied story well-known for everyone.

The film from the beginning to the final titles enchants by its cheerfully looking script, which makes it possible to feel like a kid in a magical Disney world between the loved heroes during the preview.  The Walt Disney studio can really captivate by its fictional worlds, kingdoms, and characters. But most importantly, they succeed in captivating the audience with its sincerity. 

Indeed, all the latest tales and cartoons of this studio are charming us by the warmth and the promotion of goodness.  This is great for a young viewer. And while the storyline of this band is a simple, rapidly developing and repeating the story of the 1991 film, we can discover a lot of important features typical for the classic fairy tale model.

Take your niece, your daughter your next door neighbor's daughter, heck your mom -- and relive this tale as old as time. Believe me, no one will be gloomy or complaining while the flatware's entertaining. - Glynis Costin, InStyle


I do not want to mention all the elements of this fairy tale, but, as you can understand, the main feature of the film is the impossible story of love, which develops among people of different backgrounds.  And this in the fairy tales of Disney is a very common phenomenon. Examples include stories such as Cinderella, Aladin, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, etc., where the characters of different worlds or worldviews eventually experience the most beautiful feel - love.

A vivacious and infinitely romantic story would not be so good if not fun actors who create respectively a good and fair aura. In addition to Prince Adam and Belle, there are many other good and well-executed heroes like the bad Gaston and LeFou. This is the second good duet of this film, which gives the story more charm. Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Pots are also contributing to the film's characters, which perfectly reproduce the portraits of the original band' actors. Belle's dad Morris is also presented sensitively.

Emma Watson talks about her experience making the movie

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The Technical Side Of The Movie

The special effects in the movie simply enchant. Not only because they are perfectly matched to the beautiful costumes of the movie and heroes, but also due to the feeling of realism, which is highly emphasized throughout the film. Thanks to the costumes, the actors seemed to come down from the cartoon predecessor, which only strengthened nostalgia.

The special effects in the movie simply enchant. Not only because they are perfectly matched to the beautiful costumes of the movie and heroes, but also due to the feeling of realism, which is highly emphasized throughout the film. I bow down to all computer animation professionals who create living things and monster - one of the most beautiful and detailed works that I have been seen.


Belle with the Beast - Emma Watson and Dan Steven - Photo credit:

The songs in the film are also beautiful. Yet this is a kind of musical, so the songs performed by the heroes of the movie, after a preview, stay for long in the head.  But most of all, of course, Celine Dion's "How Does a Moment Last Forever," and "Beauty and the Beast" mega-hit of John Legend and Arianos Grand. In addition, the really perfect musical compositions become for this film a very important tool in creating the appropriate fairytale atmosphere.

The camera work is also perfect. It is enough to see the spectacularly looking party scene and Belle with Adam's dance to feel real admiration. In addition, in action scenes that are also a few in the movie, we can see greatly captured footage that gives us an incredible sense of tension while watching this movie. However, this is not typical for fairy tales.

Sound editing and video editing - without reproaches. It is a well-managed film whose technical side is not disappointing.

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The Collective Work Of The Actors

There are many great actors in the film, but not everyone was allowed to reveal their talents. For instance, a movie star like Kevin Kline's character, whose character has not been completely used, so it went a fairly simple performance, though his character is really great.

Emma Watson

When the actors' search was announced, the creators of the film did not hesitate for a long time and immediately chose Emma, who was the only candidate to play Belle's role. Emma was chosen not only for the physical similarity of Emma to Belle - the eyes of the almond hue and the small composition but also, of course, for the undisputed actress's talent and experience.


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Belle is beautiful, intelligent, fragile, but true and faithful to the good by her words and actions. She is a woman who doesn't care about the internal beauty of other people but looks deep into their hearts. For that time, she looks very free, who refused to be controlled by others, humiliated, and mistreated. 

Perhaps it is strange that everything is going on in France, while the original Frenchman Belle speaks with a British accent, but it does not really interfere. In fact, it gives her an exclusivity and emphasizes her lack of adapt in a society of tiny village.

Belle is shown as a feminist; she strives to live by her own rules in a small village where woman supposed to marry well only. But she is intelligent, very smart, and free-thinking young woman who chooses her path herself. And it is very relevant still in today's world where many woman experience humiliation and violation.  

Emma Watson turned out to be amazing. Both the performance and preparation for a role are great, as the demonstration of other talents like singing and dancing.

Dan Steven

Dan Steven was also great in his Adam's role. This is may the most important Dan Steven's performance in his career, so he coped with it very convincingly.


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Other Actors

In addition to already mentioned actors, the film also features several other well-known names such as Stanley Tucci, Hattie Morahan, and Audra McDonald.

During the band, we can also hear the voices of famous actors like  Emma Thompson, Evan McGregor, and Ian McKellen who performed cult animated characters. In addition, Luke Evans caught up with his role as Gaston. This is one of the most memorable heroes of the film, who fascinates us by his charisma.

Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about LeFou's character, Josh Gad. It is a dull, not funny, and even annoying hero.

 The Final Note - Verdict

"Beauty and the Beast" is probably one of my favorite cartoons. Just its idea that interior beauty is more important, and that love can overcome any spells is inspirational. And the Belle's love for books! And the fact that her role was played by Emma Watson, in general, was just a fantasy because she perfectly fitted to this role. And by the way, she sings well.

Belle has garnered widespread acclaim from film critics who appreciated the character's bravery, intelligence and independence. Reception towards her feminism, however, has been more mixed, with commentators accusing the character's actions of being romance-oriented. The fifth Disney Princess, Belle is often ranked among the franchise's best. Highly regarded as one of Disney's strongest examples of a feminist character, critics agree that Belle helped spearhead a generation of independent film heroines while changing the reputation of a Disney princess.


When I returned home after the premiere, I said that I could go to this movie at least once more! I never liked music movies, but this one became one of my favorites because the scriptwriters were able to give the characters more liveliness and color after rewrite this story.


The team of "Beauty and the Beast" at a movie premiere - Photo credit:

Summarizing what we have seen on the movie screen, the film is charming by its elegance and splendor. This is a very nice and worthy to be seen project, which is one of the most magical films.

"Beauty and the Beast" is a very beautiful, sensual, charming Disney fairy tale, which turns into the most romantic and extremely warm story that can be again seen on the screens. 

 In addition to luxury, high-quality technical side, and charismatic actors, we also get a great opportunity to experience nostalgia by recalling the cinematic 1991 film. It has become the foundation for this new version of "Beauty and the Beast" movie.

After the film, it remains so warm, good mood and a feeling that everyone finds his destined second half. 


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Have a fun watching!!!


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