The bitLanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: "Lucy"

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The bitLanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: LUCY  -  Photo credit:, Edition by Vimi via

Last weekend, I watched "Lucy" by Luc Besson. This film is devoted to a philosophical problem - the role of thinking and rational understanding of the world in a person’s life.

According to the film, scientists have found out that a person uses only around ten percent of the possible thinking potential. And all those discoveries that civilization has reached are accomplished at this ratio.

Here is the official movie trailer:

 Lucy - Official Trailer (HD) Video credit: Luc_Besson1 via


Student Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), against her own will, is drawn into one criminal event. But everything happens against the plan of the criminal authorities who organized it. As a result of beating the girl, the package with some substance is torn inside her. A dangerous substance in a huge amount enters her body. An uncontrollable reaction begins, which leads to the fact that Lucy's brain overcomes a ten percent barrier. And Lucy, again against her will, becomes a unique phenomenon. She is able to understand a lot: for example, to recall some details of her distant childhood. She is able to understand her personal problem: to determine the location of her offenders, who are in different cities at that moment. Will they get what they deserve, will they be punished?


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Lucy manages to reach the well-known professor Norman (Morgan Freeman), who deals with this problem - the problem of thinking and rational knowledge of the world within certain limits. He believes that a person can only use no more than one-tenth of his thinking potential. But what is his surprise when a girl who doesn’t willingly overcome this barrier demands meeting him.


Scarlett Johansson superbly performed this role, proving that beauty and intelligence can perfectly complement each other.
Morgan Freeman managed to play a man of science, wisdom, experience. Professor Norman devoted his entire life to researching the potential of the human brain. He explained the only way for cells to overcome time:

"They hand essential information and knowledge to the next cell, which hands it down to the next cell, and so on." - Professor Norman 


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The play of actors is convincing. One bright moment as an example: Lucy's emotions, when she talks to her mother on the phone (while the surgeon digs into her stomach). They really hooked me.

But what will happen when the figure from ten percent reaches one hundred - the absolute peak, the absolute understanding, understanding of the world... Will she have to sacrifice something for this peak illumination? How can this enormous potential, given to Lucy for the benefit of humanity, be realized? The decision that is made from Lucy's strong-willed, moral qualities, and this is the core, the basis of perfection.


The plot is very unusual, it evolves rapidly. The most pleasant thing was that there were not many incomprehensible scientific phrases and expressions in the film. It seemed that I was watching a beautiful video clip, just a very long one. For me, the film was entertaining.


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The beginning was certainly very intriguing. The parallels between people and other species led me to the desired mode. And most importantly, the film was built on the border - a very complex scientific topic went side by side with the underworld, violence, and cruelty.

The film is able to give a lot of positive emotions. Being primarily a comedy, it begins immediately with a crazy mood, revealed in the very first and funny dialogue.
I enjoyed the framing, camera, irony, parallels, excellent visualization and music, music from real master Eric Serra, which gives the unsurpassed atmosphere of his films of the 90s.
The simplicity is what I loved most of all, there were no fancy and complicated plot lines, but at the same time, there was logic.
In "Lucy," there are no questions and no answers, there is only a straight line like an arrow. This is a great film for relaxation after a long hard week.


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Woman's power

Besson's eternal theme is the love of female nature itself, with its secret power, which is fully revealed under certain critical conditions. Besson always knows how to select the simplest words to complex topics. A fragile girl has become the super soldier who is going to take revenge on her offenders. She gets incredible strength,  the power of telekinesis, and is completely immune to pain. The main point of the film, in my opinion, is that the greater the percentage of the brain works, the less human emotions and feelings in a person, in particular, in a woman, exist. The scene when Lucy touches the first ape-like woman on earth was exciting!


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Scarlett Johanson did the most important thing - she showed gradual changes in her heroine. She shows the changes in her eyes. In general, eyes have a great importance in the film. During the film, we are shown several variants of the appearance of their iris.


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Simplicity is still better, although we need to watch complex films and think about them, too. But this film does not apply to them. That's the beauty of Besson, he just fantasizes. Literally, the film should be perceived as a fairy tale, fantasy.


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"Lucy" easily shows us what it is like to know everything. So far, it is disastrous for us. We are not ready for it. We just find ourselves in an area inaccessible to consciousness.

Luc Besson tells in just 1.5 hours what we have to go through if we learn to use the capabilities of our brain 100%. Not everyone will be able to abandon the usual state and consciousness of oneself. Here the idea itself is infinitely important. The movie is fantastic and real at the same time.

Time is the only unit of measurement. Only it determines the matter. We cannot exist without time. We all are powerful, but it does not mean that we are ready for it now. We still have time to learn to control ourselves. At the moment, nature gave us as much as needed, everything is calculated for us.

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