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Written by: Abdul Mohiz


                               Once upon a time in the forest of Netherland ,there took birth a little baby bull. the mother bul and the father bull got up so happy that the father bull struck the drum of the news of his newborn baby all arround the forest. all the other animals specially his fellow bulls came to his residence and gave congratulations and the well wishes for their baby.

                                 The father bulls name was Relis Anther .he was a very unsuccessful bull ,if we trace back its family we will come to know that everyone in his family was just a bit more sharp minded than he was. Basically he was kown far and wide for his greed and for his double mindedness. But he never knew this. And this was the basic cause of his unsuccessfulness and failures. But again, he never knew this.

                        Everytime he did something ,he always fell in trouble .And everytime he was gotten out of his trouble by a very close friend of him ,named Kelin Metrain. Kelin was a very wise and caring hawk. he always made some wise decisions and made Relis out of his troubles.

                                    anyways the baby bull grew up and observed every thing and learnt alot from his parents . Now after 15 years the baby bull is now a young bull .the bulls parents did everything to rear him well .

                                    now at the age of 15 the young bull is at a point of his life where every single thing appeals them and they want every single of them .But at this stage his parents should have to make some quick decisions about what to give and what not to.when to care about them and when to leave them alone . the baby bull made different wishes in front of his parents .but some wishes are good to complete and some aren't. but the bulls father made every of  his wish come true.

      and the bull grew up and started to demand for everything he saw . even that which was not affordable for his parents. but somehow the father bull managed and gave his son every single possible thing that he could manage to give him and sometimes he neglected his own uses and fulfilled his sons wishes , but .... but... but.... he never knew that what he was doing was eventually going  to be so hard for him and is going to be so heartbreaking for his own .but he never thought of that and kept on .........

                    one day .... no mostly it had became a routine that when the time came for the father bull to demand something that were his rights from his son but this was the result and outcome of his own mistakes that he had made earlier that his own son ......not just son but his beloved son came to argue and abuse his father and sometimes he just grew up to be so disrespectful that he even sometimes did a counter attack on his own father who never declined his demands and tried the most to fulfill his demands .but it's no use to cry on split milk.

                        he tried alot to take him back but the time was up everything was of no use .........

                     he starting discussing about his son in front of every known and unknown .

on the other hand he kept on fulfilling all of his son but he never realized that this was the only sweet poison that he was giving his son by his own hands.

                      he on one side in front of people spoke about his sons faults and his madness and on the other side he proudly said to people that he got his son this much costly thing ....that a normal person cannot afford .

                        he sometimes spoke his sons faults and sometimes supported his son and proudly discussed his son in fron of others ... basically this was the double mindedness of him that people were annoyed of .

this continues......

he repeatedly says the same words on different occasions and always spoke on a single topic that was of his son . whenever and where ever he went he he had no else topic rather than his son...

he says:"my son is this much bad .. he is this much disrespectful.... my son is like this .. he even killed 3 ...on his behalf i was put in bars son is like that .... "and at last on every talk he ends up crying on his bad luck saying  that "its not my sons fault .. but its my own fault ...that i have a very bad luck that i had a son like him ...

and on same occasion on another time he spoke that "my son is this much brave ....he killed 3 .... he is so much fearless.... he loves me very much.... he is that much good ....etc ..etc.

and at last people got offended of him and started ignoring him and always ran away from him .that if he met them he will again start saying goods and bads of his own family ,in which they have no interest .

this continued for years ......

he mentally started getting weak and weak .___he fell in depression and he started quarreling with every one without any cause .

one day came ..his own son left him .,his wife died years ago ,and now he was all alone and all the people came to him one after other to get their valuables back which they've given him ,and whom he got for his son ....

after all this he started counting his days to end .. and thought that his legs were put to grave by his own son ..

                  one day on a lonely night ... due to some extreme mental pressure .. he got a brain hemorrhage and died at the spot ..and no one was aware of it ...

                     that was the end of his story and it was that much bad for him that no one came to him for his funeral ..and burrial.......

                                                    *  THE END *


                  [note: you can also co relate it with a human life]



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