The Cell Phone Evolution- From the Brick Phone to the Smartphone

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The Cell Phone Evolution - From The Brick Phone to the Smart Phone

There are over seven billion people today and 5 billion cell phone users all over the world! An average teenager may have owned at least one or two cell phones by the time they celebrated their 18th birthday. And probably lost at least one.

Do you remember how many cell phones have you owned already?

If I remember it right, I think I owned at least 6 phones already. Two of them were lost. The rest, either damaged or outmoded.


More Than A Phone

To date, the cell phone functions more than just a phone. They are packed with features and apps that everyone finds either useful or fun. You can browse the Internet, watch YouTube, check your email, create documents,  spreadsheets, and presentations, and even play online games.


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Did I mention, take photos and videos, and chat with your friends? A smartphone today is more powerful than a personal computer in the 1990s  and even in the early 2000s.


The Cell Phone Evolution.


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The topic for this cblog is about cell phone evolution. In this cblog, we will find out the following:

  • Do you know when the first cell phone was first used?
  • Who made that first call and more importantly who created the first cell phone?
  • Do you know how the first cell phone look like?
  • How did the form factors of cell phone designs evolve?
  • Who created the first Smartphone?
  • What will be the future of the cellular phone technology?


Let's all find that out in this cblog powered by Querlo.

Querlo Chat: The Cell Phone Evolution

 In Conclusion


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Cellular phone technology has come a long way. From the bulky and heavy brick phone to the slick and handy yet powerful smartphone. But the development and evolution of the technology do not stop there.  Soon, people will be talking to each other through their smartwatch like Dick Tracy.


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Thank You, Martin Cooper.

Thanks to the genius of Martin Cooper, the father of the handheld cell phone.  His invention revolutionized the face of communication.


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