The central nation

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In the previous topics you read that doing all good deeds in the way Allah told you to do them to please Allah, is Ibadah.

 But, this means that you alone will be good. You will do Ibadah yourself only. But, that is very selfish. You must spread this Ibadah or worship of Allah to others too and to others parts of the world too


Why should only and not others too do this?

 Because Allah made the Muslims the “leasing or central group and the beast group”

The Quran says: The Muslims have been given a central position in everything. Whether earning or praying or reading any works, we are told to follow the middle, balance path and not go to the extreme sides or do too less or to mush of anything.

We have been given the Kabah as our central point. The Kabah is the central of the earth, since ancient times. It was called the navel or center of the earth.


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