The changing concepts of DENTAL DECAY

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In layman terms dental decay is known as loss of tooth structure which appears as a small black spot on any part of any tooth. With all the widespread advancements in dental technology the ways of management of dental caries has reduced considerably.Caries are no longer considered as a "one way process". Unlike the traditional concepts, current knowledge shows that damage caused by dental caries can be arrested and repaired by proper intervention.

Dental cavity progression can be divided into two types: Early and Advanced. At the early stage dental cavity progression can be stopped and even reversed. The early stage is described as the stage when a hole has not developed and the cavity appears as a white spot. The amount of time a cavity will take in progression from early to the advanced stage is completely unpredictable and can range from months to years. Early intervention with proper management plan can really help in cavity progression.

The cavity management plan includes both the Personal(home care) as well as Professional measures.

The home care measures include:-

  • Dietary control : A complete check and control on the amount of sugary substances and acidic beverages that are consumed can go along way in arresting cavity progression.
  • Oral hygiene: Regular brushing with a proper technique helps in plaque removal and cavity control.
  • Fluoridated toothpaste: Fluoride goes a long way in arresting dental decay.Use of fluoridated toothpastes enhances remineralization of lost tooth structure.

The professional measures include:

  • Visit your dentist on regular basis so as to keep a control and check on cavity progression.
  • In clinic application of fluoride.
  • Use of sealants at vulnerable areas.

With a balanced combination of both these measures caries progression can be controlled to a great extent.Prevention is always better than cure so measures taken at present can really help to prevent tooth loss in the great run.cavity