The changing role of women

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Women in the past:

Till about three decade ago,the primary role of women in the subcontinent was to look after the house.Very few women would step out of their homes and work.Very few would study beyond high school and complete their graduation.



Women of today:

Today,more and more women,even in rural India are completing graduation and even post graduation.Obviously,there are far more ambitious then the previous generations and also want to make use of their knowledge by working in the corporate world.




Today,you'll often see women working shoulder to shoulder with men in every sphere of activity,be it in education,a company,a hospital or a space research organization.Gender discrimination has become a thing of the past.Women now earn the same salary and even sometimes for then the men colleagues depending on their qualification and experience.Many women head organizations and have men reporting to them.



The entry of women in the corporate world has changed the economy in many ways,Their earnings have increased the disposable income of the family.Many products are developed specially for these women.They have become an active member of the family and have an equal say in family decisions,right from which house to buy to where the family goes for an outing or a dinner on a Saturday night.It is said:

          ''She held her head high and looked the world straight in the eye.Celebrate her strength.''

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