The Chosen One (Devotion 05/04/15)

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~Exodus 6:10-13


In this chapter, God commanded Moses and Aaron to go to the Israelites to tell them that they come to save them from the slavery of egyptians. But when they talked to the Israelites, they did not listen to what Moses is telling them. Then God said to Moses to go to Pharaoh and the Pharaoh will send the Israelites out from egypt. But here again, Moses is arguing with God, saying that He can barely talk to the Israelites how come he can talk to Pharaoh? But God showed them facts and Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh.


So why i entitle this "The Chosen one" ? It is because God revealed to me that once He chose you, He definitely mean it. He is not fooling around and having a testing game, like until when can you survive the test. He chose you because, He knows that you are qualified and that you can fulfill the task that is given unto you. 


Do not doubt. If you have no skills do not fret because it is God who will move in you and make the Impossible become Possible. :))


~Devotion 05/04/15 day

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