The CODEPINK Rose of Texas

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There’s a CODEPINK Rose of Texas

That we’re going to see,

Everybody knows about
Her stance at Camp Casey;

She wants Bush to meet her
Because he broke her heart,

And the hearts of countless others

When this war he chose to start.


She’s the bravest grieving mother
that we ever knew,

So to be by her side
We marched and drove and flew;
Bush talks about a noble cause
And urges sacrifice,

But the CODEPINK Rose of Texas

Can see through all his lies

So now we’re going to join her,
Just watch our numbers grow,

And we’ll pray for peace together,

And let compassion flow;

We’ll stand with Cindy gladly,

And we’ll help show Bush the door,

And the CODEPINK Rose of Texas

Will be heard forevermore!

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