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Hello friends

Assalam o Alaikum

As I was a little busy in since last week so that I was unable to show any activity on bitlanders but now I am back here and will continue my journey of bitlanders with you.


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Dear friends today I would like to tell you the basic concept of Islam.

So friends, let me first tell you the basic meanings of Islam.

The basic concept of Islam:


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Islam is our holy religion in which we Muslims do believe that there is only one God who is our Allah. There is no God except Him. He knows everything and manages the whole world. He created everything and He is able to make and destroy this world. He sent us in this world for His worship and He will get our exam for every act. Not only humans, He created all of the creatures of the world and skies. He manages every moment of our life. He knows the time of our death and life. He can only extend and decrease your life. He will reward us for our good acts. He has the ability to manage our every second of life. He sent His prophets and messengers in this world to show the humans right path. He also destroyed those nations who were cruel. He punished them and showed the remaining humans that He is only powerful and can do anything with us.


is very merciful and he gives the chance of forgiveness every day. He says to turn towards him and in return, he will forgive our sins. Allah says that turn towards me and I will reward you for your every act.
This is the basic concept and theory of Islam. Now let me tell you the more about my religion.
Islam is very sympathetic religion. It tells us so many methods of success. In Islam, we have to worship only for Allah and we should accept that there is no other one who can make or change anything in this world.
Almighty Allah tells us the lesson for getting rewarded after the death. We Muslims do believe that after death Allah will re awake us and there will be judgment day. On that day Allah will tell us the truth of our life.


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He will give us reward for our good acts and may punish us for our bad acts.

Dear friends, in this world our every action is noted and on the judgment day, it will be told to us. We have to give exam of our actions and deeds.

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Now I will tell you pillars of Islam. I will explain them depending on my best knowledge.
Islam consists of 5 pillars which must be accepted and obeyed by a Muslim human.






I will now explain them here.



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Prayer is also known as Salah in the Arabic language it is the first and initial activity of Islamic religion and it is known as the compulsory activity of Islam.

Quran says about nimaz in following words;

Prayer is the compulsory activity for you and it was rewarded to the Muslims for their success.


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Prayer gives us so many benefits. It is also proven by medical doctors and scientists. Prayer is compulsory for us and there is no situation of leaving except some restrictions mentioned by Islam. Prayer pays us many benefits like it saves us from sins and different types of diseases. Prayer is offered five times a day. We have to offer prayer with full devotion and respect.

Here some common prayers and their names.

Daily prayers:

Fajr Prayer

Zuhr Prayer

Asar Prayer

Maghreb Prayer

Isha Prayer

These are five prayers which are offered daily five times by Muslims. These prayers are offered on specific time as Fajr prayer is offered before the sun rises and Zuhr prayer is offered when sun continues its journey in the west at nearly 1 PM. Asar prayer is offered after 2 hours of Zuhr prayer while Maghreb is offered with sunset. Isha is offered after one and half hour of Maghreb prayer.
These prayers can only be offered at a specific time. There are also some other prayers which are offered for specific events. Those are eid prayers, janaza prayer, and tahajud prayer.

Eid Prayer:


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It is offered two times in the whole year. First one is offered on Eid ul Fitr and the other one is offered on Eid ul azha occasion.

Janaza Prayer:


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It is offered on the death of a Muslim person, whenever a Muslim has died. After offering this prayer, died person is buried in the graveyard.

Tahajud prayer:

This prayer can be offered daily but there is no order to offer it at all. You can leave it otherwise offer it for reward.

Fasting in Islam:


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I think I have mentioned a lot about this activity of Islam in my previous blogs and now I will tell you a little about it. Fasting stands for remaining hungry and thirsty for the whole day and you have to bear this only for Allah and your success. Fasting makes us more powerful regarding our Islamic acts. Fasting also makes us more energetic for poor people and we can be more aggressive for their help.
Fasting is done for the whole month and that specific month is known as the month of fasting and Ramadan.

Charity in Islam:


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Charity means that you have to donate your earnings to the poor people and that help will be beneficial for them to stay alive. Poor people need help because they cannot get all of the advantages. Charity is donated by everyone but some people who have enough resources are strictly prohibited to donate charities once in a year.

Charities are donated to the relatives first. If there are no deserving people then we have to find our neighbors and nearly people.



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Hajj is offered once in the whole year and it can only be offered in Makah at Saudi Arabia. Muslim person who have enough resources and who can avail the expenses of Hajj must have to offer once in his life. Hajj is the holy activity of Islam which is completed on the Eid ul Azha occasion.
Hajj activity can be completed in Makah and Medina.


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Jihad means to fight against those people who are trying to stop you from doing good acts. Jihad becomes compulsory for Muslims when other religions try to stop the Muslims from doing worship or living with peace.

Jihad has further two types.

Jihad Bil Qalam & Jihad Bil Talwar

Jihad Bil Qalam:

In this type of Jihad, we stop the enemies with our writing power. We can address them by our notes and pen power.

Jihad Bil Talwar:

This type of jihad is done by the power. When your enemy tries to attack you then you have to reply back.
So friends! Thanks for sparing some moments for my blog. Have a nice time ahead.



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