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Most of us have seen the movie “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”, but this is not a review on the movie.

I am talking about the Cuckoo clock and the fascination that it holds for many people. So much so that it has become a “must have item” in every drawing room.

It is not clear who made the first Cuckoo clock but it was around 1750 the first Black Forest Cuckoo was created.

There are museums displaying the collection of Cuckoo clocks, the Cuckooland Museum in the UK and the Deutsches Uhrenmuseum inGermany.

On a personal level I would not like to own one, for the simple reason I don’t like to be reminded of the passage of time every hour. And imagine my plight with this happening in the night, with the cuckoo waking me up every hour to say “see another hour has passed away”

But this is exactly what Alex Budovsky has done. He has made a short film showing how the Cuckoo has entered our lives and controls our thoughts. It is every where, in our bed, in our bath tub….. slowly it takes over our complete life. The way he has depicted the whole process in this short movie with simple animation technique made me sit through for the 3 minute duration of the movie. It is in Black and White and the pace is very fast.

The music by Stephen Coates is apt and one can imagine how the conveyor belt effect can change our lives.

It has won the Jury Award for the Best Animation at Sundance Online Film Festival for “the perfection of music and fantastic Imaginary”


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