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Decent is a decentralized platform Web Server 3.0 through the P2P network that allows limitations of publishing content of any text, image, video or music without restrictions or influence by third parties. It allows the exchange of information without limits or restrictions.

How does it work:

DECENT combines several functional layers. BitTorrent uses a layer distributed storage to take care of, adding extensions such as recoverability test to provide distributed anonymously storage that automatically adjusts based on the popularity of secured content.
Blockchain use other layers provide related transactions, such as publishing and purchase of content, provide feedback and recommendation engine.
Authors pay to publish on the platform, which acts as an incentive for farmers to store content. All content is protected by strong encryption, and the platform uses a shared secret algorithm to ensure that only authorized users can access published works.
Micropayments for content are implemented as an intelligent form of contract, where data safety sheets for the two parts are exchanged, and the payment is processed after the contents can be decrypted.
Besides the content can be classified and qualifications will be treated to provide recommendations to users.

the idea

Decent is an open source software provides unlimited virtual content sharing. The platform is dedicated to freedom of expression. The main objective is to provide opportunities for authors whose voices are generally censored.
The platform also allows independent developers to create their own applications on top of decent protocol. Application builders can create any type of media that share customers for its users.
Ambassadors are being recruited to support the community and spread the word about the platform.
the society
Decent was founded in January 2015 and has operations in Bratislava - Slovakia Zurich - Switzerland, Ukraine, Kharkov and Shanghai - China.


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