The Do's and Don'ts Afghanistan Post-2014, A Narrow Perspective

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One of the main concern was the Afghan National Army (ANA) and police, both are dependent on the US funding and supplies, as one of the Afghan military official said this week that "Without U.S. help after 2014, there's no question that the army and police will be in trouble". Now that the U.S. and Afghanistan reach agreement on outline of post-2014 security deal, the odds seem to be favoring Afghanistan's defense and security, however it is quite clear that for a stable Afghanistan there are other important factors to look upon post-2014.

Some of them are as following.

1. Corruption

2. Warlords & Landlords

3. Youth & Education

4. Relations with neighboring countries

5. Infrastructure

6. Afghan Currency 

7. Trade

8. Agriculture

9. Human & Natural Resources

10. Refugees

11. Poverty

12. Unity

13. International Community & Support (NGOs)

14. Inflation

15. War & Civil Unrest

Besides these major problems, there are other serious issues as well such as the availability of electricity, books, transportation, legal authorities and justice, communication, natural gas, controlling natural disasters, petroleum etc. This shows how serious the situation is at the moment and how much will it worsen. From the past twelve years, the country has received huge funding for different ministries, majority of which has been spent on projects such transportation, women education, poverty, infrastructure. Unfortunately the results have been unsatisfactory and corruption sky rocketed since then, neither the government authorities nor the international community has been able to stop any of this. 

These are the drawbacks, unless necessary steps aren't taken the situation will worsen. According to me, there are many positive points Afghanistan has in order to tackle the issues and improve the situation, they are as following.

1. 68% youth under the age of 25.

2. Natural Resources worth trillion of dollars

3. Geographical location, main route to central Asian countries

4. Center of Asia, possibility of becoming the networking hub

5. Afghan Diaspora

6. Social Media

7. Dry Fruits Export

8. Agriculture 

9. International Funding

10. Media

The road ahead brings great challenges, with the same mistakes repeated I am afraid the country would survive any more damage, therefore, I believe now is the time to make strategies and start working on implementing them as soon as possible such as "The quicker, the better". As an optimist, I believe the people have huge potential to survive and bring a positive change.

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