the early spread of islam

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the early spread of islam.
since the time that gods words were written down in the holy quran the islamic message of peace has spread all over the world.
when the message of islam was first taken beyond the arabian peninsula in peace, the enemies of islam and thier armies tried to stop its spread.
as the muslims advanced to the north, they were met by soldiers of the roman empire.
in 634 AD, the muslims captured damascus from them.soon afterwards, they took persian they finally defeated the romans in 636. in the east, the muslimsa had to fight the persian army. it took them only twenty-years to introduce islam there.
from 715 AD, islam began to spread into turkey. by 717, it has reached the borders of europe.
in north africa, the muslims had to fight against roman soldiers again.again they were successful. by 642 AD, northern egypt was controlled by the muslims. the last roman army on the continent was defeated near carthage in 667. soon, arabic replaced latin along the mediterranean coast to the atlantic ocean. the countries that we call algeria and al maghreb morocco today were joined from 670. from there, the muslims crossed by sea into spain in 711. by 714, that country and portugal were both ruled by the muslims.
in france, they advanced as far as tours in 732.

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