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Economy in Afghanistan is the most important matter after security nowadays.
Since the progress and development is depend on the condition of Economy, we all need to have a good economical condition to improve and develope, in order to get our goals.
in case of having good economical condition, we can acces in any filed wich we desire, such as continue of education, acces to the health services, phisical education, etc.
despite of having numerous wealth that we have in Afghanistan, such as mines, uniqe agricultural products, and other resources, but the most important and useful resource that we have is mineral resources.

Afghanistan is facing with economical problems, because, the essential effort and attempt have not done for exploiting mines, maybe as the result of lack of having enough budget and equipment in this regard or conflict and dissecurity that distracted the concentration over this important issue.
Having mines, plays an important role in the progress and developing and promoting of Economy.
also it is valuable for maintaining vital level of nation.

therefore, the constraction of country and its nation's economy is related to mines and ways of usage the mine.
accordinng to the research and existented document , there are diffrent mines around in Afghanistan which still some of them have not been exploited.

Just a few of them have been used in preliminary ways such as gold, silver ,cooper, iran ore, gemstone, petrolum and natural gas,etc.
Geological shows that ,24 kind of mine mineral exsisted and they are usable in 89 areas of Afghanistan, but they have not been exploited so far.

Generallay from an Economical point of viw these mines are valuable and they are in huge number of qauntity.
Having mines,Afghanistan, is potentially a very rich country and has good economical future, if they are exploited. Also there are uniqe and exclosive agricultral product for export, such as pomegranet, grapes, and so on, that they are uniqe in kind from other countries.


But, we are all having wish of having a bright economical future, so that we, the people of Afghanistan have comfortable life with prosperous Economy .

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