THE EDITOR REPORT #3 - A Wise Decision

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I thought I’d share with you all an experience which I had when I applied for a job to work as a freelance video editor.


In early February, I applied to an application for a job to work as a freelance editor for a production company that’s local to where I am based by the name of Infinite Wisdom. Having been given the link to the advert from a friend of mine, I was encouraged to apply to see if my talents would be noticed and taken further into a possible career front. Naturally I was pessimistic over the concept of actually getting anywhere, being my nature and all, but I applied none the less to the advertisement and hoped for the best (You could say it was a wise decision? Eh eh? No? Okay...)


A week or so later I got a phone call from the production manager at iWisdom, abbreviation of their name, informing me that they wanted a meeting with me as soon as possible, giving me praise over my showreel (which I sent in with the application). I of course accepted and took the meeting with them the next day. 


What followed was not what I was expecting, merely hoping to be a series of interview questions to help narrow down their search, but it was indeed that I had received the job and was to commence work on an upcoming project as soon as possible (They were shooting on the following Monday).


Due to the confidentiality of the project, I cannot say much about the work I have done nor where the project is going, however, it was a surreal experience I must say, having a professional production company hire me as a freelance video editor to work with them on a project was something that I was not expecting nor hoped to achieve so close to home. The overall experience was helpful and beneficial to me as an emerging freelance video editor, and it’s something I’m going to take forward into my future opportunities. 


There are future opportunities in place for me at iWisdom, and I’m looking forward to them immensely.




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