The EXAMER Video Challenge!

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Calling all FILMMAKERS!

In the age of social media, filmmakers need all the support they can get. Believe it or not, a student in Afghanistan can be that support! And you, the filmmaker, can make an impact on that student's life. How?

Film Annex has recently developed a new technology platform called EXAMER, which allows students in Afghanistan to take exams, submit their homework, publish essays and blogs, and most importantly, learn how to use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Film Annex, amongst others.

Examer is changing the way Afghan students are educated, and there's something you can do to contribute to this revolution!

Here's the challenge! Create a short (2-3 minute) video about Examer that introduces the platform to students and audiences around the world in a unique, entertaining way. Pitch us your idea in a blog and send the link to The filmmakers with selected pitches will receive a budget from Film Annex to work on their projects.

In the video below, featuring the one and only Charlie Chaplin, we guide students through the steps of using Google+ to promote and monetize their content on Film Annex. Use your imagination and artistic vision to create you own :)

Click on the list of topics below to take a look at the social media questions we prepared for the students.





Citadel of New York was founded to develop and promote Examer, an Interactive and Educational Social Networking platform with a Micro Scholarship Payment System. Examer is "universal" as it is easily tailored to the needs of regional languages and cultures. Examer was developed for the education of Afghan children by three exceptional Afghan women, Roya MahboobFereshteh Forough, and Elaha Mahboob. Additional development on Examer was architected by Francesco Rulli in collaboration with European and American software engineers. 

Examer will allow students to use Social Media platforms such as Facebook, take school tests, do homework, and publish essays, films, and blogs on Film Annex. The highest achieving students will be paid by Citadel of New York and/or win educational scholarships from Citadel partners. Instead of being rewarded for a "Like" or a "Tweet", Examer students are rewarded for their good grades with payments by Examer mobile payment systems. Better performance means more money that can be paid directly to students and their families. Examer's mobile payment system will help to implement USAID's vision for education in developing countries.

Citadel of New York next plans to extend Examer to Central Asia.


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