The FealGood Foundation: No Responder Left Behind

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Recently, #InTheLab hosted President and Founder of the FealGood Foundation John Feal here in the studio. A responder who worked tirelessly in the clean-up and recovery effort in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Feal spent countless hours "On the pile" with other individuals whose various skills and expertise were instrumental in the massive undertaking. Unfortunately, in addition to the senseless loss of life suffered on the day itself, 9/11 is still claiming victims. Many of the men and women who worked the site, police, firefighters, emergency personnel, construction workers, sanitation workers and other volunteers are now suffering and dying from various diseases after having invested their blood sweat and tears all those hours, days, and weeks in what was essentially a quagmire of toxins. Many also suffer from psychological issues and Post Traumatic Stress. John Feal lost half of one of his feet in an accident while working at the site and has undergone therapy for PTSD yet he has been a leader in the movement to get Congress to act on behalf of those responders who now need help themselves. Feal, with help from celebrity advocates such as Jon Stewart have rallied to the cause. Their efforts have been instrumental in the passage of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, establishing funding under the World Trade Center Health Program. Feal's fight didn't stop there. Initially, cancer was not one of the diseases covered under the program. John Feal went to Washington. Cancer was recently added to the program. When Government Sequestration threatened to reduce the funding earlier this year, John Feal was working to make sure that didn't happen.  How committed is John Feal to the cause? How about donating a kidney to a man he'd never met. It doesn't get any more hardcore than that...

Arthur Kade's interview with John is raw and no punches are pulled. Please take a moment and listen for yourselves.

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