The Filipino's Pride in Bitlanders

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      I'm really proud of my fellow countrymen to be on the top list of Bitlanders. Imagine! we became active here for almost 5 months but many of us really excelled in this site. I'm sure all Filipino subscribers here are very proud of them. They will serve as our inspirations to pursue our journey here. Seeing them on top makes me more inspired as I already expressed in my recent blog. Many Filipinos are following their foot steps in doing the bit.

    For almost 5 months, I've witnessed their activities here because they are considered my  most active followers. I always see them in my notifications and home page every time I log in. They are always updated in every changes here; If they found an opportunity to increase their scores surely they will try it and it shows on the result of their rankings. Many Filipino subscribers became more active now as I have noticed. I can feel that they also want to be on their place as much as I want to. I smell a healthy competition here after the released of the "leader board" feature.

      I made this blog not because I'm their fan but rather to make them as our inspiration to strive more in this site. If you want to excel here, hard work and perseverance are needed. Just posting in every category and visiting your active followers requires much of your time.Attaining a high score here requires much effort. They manage do it that's why they are now on top.

      Bitlanders really excites me every now and then. You will not be bore because there are many features that you will surely enjoy. The members are more active in interactions that made this site more exciting. Having younger and funny followers makes me feel young and laughing all the time. There's no dull moment for me here so I wonder why others do not enjoy. If they will look for the bright side, the members in this site is indeed have a good future.

     If you wan to maintain your status or at least near to it you have to be consistent. One day absent in logging in makes a big difference. Consistency not only in logging in but in all activities are required if you want to be on the top. Many wants to go on top and I can see some from the lowest gone on the higher spot. The leader board makes some excited if they see their spot is getting higher but makes other frustrated if they are noticing that their spot is dropping. For me high or low we must not take it seriously because we are here to enjoy and not to compete. Just a healthy competition and don't let jealousy spoils the fun. I know you understand what I mean. Just be happy in doing bitlanders and we will go far in this site.


       I just post some of the top scorer here but I know every day they are changing spots depends on their activities. I congratulate those who are from the lower spots who made their way to become on higher spots. 

        My last word "Long live #bitlanders as well as its subscribers".

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